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Debit Card Casino Deposits

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Debit cards are very easy and fast to use for deposits online since they will take the money straight out of your bank account and send them to the casino account. The process moves instantly and if you have the money in your bank you will see it immediately ready in the casino for you to play with. Most of the big credit card issuers also offer debit cards. There are several important differences between these two options that you must be aware of.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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To begin with you should understand that a debit card carries a lot more risk to use than a regular credit card. With the debit card you have no credit. If you empty your account with it for gambling and lose it all then that is what you end up with. You bank account will be depleted and there is nothing you can do about that but to wait for the next paycheck. In online casinos you will see debit cards like Maestro and Solo. You will most likely be able to use the debit card which is available through your bank.

Debit cards can be for free to issue but each time you will make an online transfer with them you will have to pay an interchange fee. This fee is usually around $1-$2. The online casino doesn’t have to pay interchange fees when you use a debit card so for them this is a great idea. They might even reward you for this choice by additional bonuses when depositing with a debit card. There are exceptions with special debit cards which can give you cheaper ways of depositing in a casino but generally this can be a costly payment method.

There are also safety issues with debit cards. To use the debit card for an online casino deposit you will have to give the casino your debit card PIN. This is a very risky thing to do. If someone will get a hold of this information they have straight access to your bank account. With this in mind it might be wise to use debit cards for deposits in casinos online, only if it is connected to a separate account specifically meant for shopping and entertainment.

Debit cards are common to see as options for payment in online casinos. They are so easy to use and the casinos like them. You will not have any trouble finding a casino that accepts debit cards for deposit but think long and hard before you choose this option since it could come with some risks and costs you might not be ready to take.

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