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Deposit Methods at Online Casinos

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Funding your online casino account is one of the most essential aspects of playing in an online casino. Choosing the best and most suitable online casino deposit method becomes a dilemma because of the many options available.

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Another problem with casino online deposits is that you have no guarantee about the trustworthiness of the gambling site. You also need to be aware that there could be rogue gambling sites who could be after your money. With this in mind, you need to find a reliable online gambling sites which utilize the sophisticated protection technology. This is the only way you could play with some peace of mind.

The first online casino deposit method is check. Among the various forms of payment, this is perhaps the least preferred because it requires at least three weeks crediting the funds into your account. The process can be tedious -- preparing the check, waiting for it to arrive, wait for the check to be cleared, and then fund it into your account. Nonetheless, you can look forward to a secured method. You would not expect to make additional money if you intend to use check to deposit money to your account.

The next payment method is Paypal. It is managed by E-bay and handles a lot of money on a per day basis. Because of this, it would be the perfect payment method for online gambling. Recently, they have made revisions on their policy on non-processing of gambling transactions. Although it still remains to be seen whether casinos will accept Paypal for funding your money.

Credit cards are the most accepted online casino deposit methods, but only to a certain extent. If you intend to make credit card deposits, it is recommended that you look for some information first before signing up. If the company bars you from depositing at an online casino, then look for one that allows such transaction. Nowadays, credit card issuers are treating gambling-related deposits as cash advances so they would normally charge a higher interest rate on the purchase.

The last and most popular payment method is Neteller. There are many funding methods at your disposal. online casinos will give members who make their deposits via Neteller an extra incentive in most situations so it would be worthwhile to consider this method. The process does not take a long time to be completed.

These are just some of the most accepted online casino deposit methods you can choose from. Certainly, there would be one that would suit your preference.

Online casinos are real money gambling sites. With that in mind, you are obviously going to have to deposit some of your hard earned cash if you wish to play. But do you know everything there is to know about the deposit process at online casinos? Finish reading this short article, and you’ll know all you need to, about deposits.

Safety of Deposit Methods

Which is the safest payment method?

Although with the technology we have today, you can feel quite safe depositing with a credit/debit card; there are actually two payment methods which you can use which are even safer. E-wallets are safer than credit/debit cards, since at no point are you handing out your bank account details to the casino. That being said, prepaid vouchers are even safer. They simply require you to enter a code into the casino (like you would top up your phone credit), so there is absolutely no way you are risking anything when using that payment method. The downside to prepaid cards is that you cannot withdraw using them, there is no downside to e-wallets.

Are you going to be charged for depositing? Normally, no. Very few online casinos charge users for depositing these days. You may get a small surcharge from your bank for using your Visa or Master Card, but even that is unlikely. Some casinos still charge for withdrawals, but you should be able to deposit for free, especially with e-wallets.

One of the beautiful things about playing in online casinos is that your deposits are processed instantly. Whether you deposit via credit/debit card, e-wallets or prepaid vouchers, your deposited money should be in your account within seconds. The same cannot be said of withdrawals, but it is deposits which we are focusing on here.

Almost all online casinos do have deposit limits. There is no easy way to clarify just what the deposit limits at your chosen casino is, since they change from casino to casino. Depositing via e-wallets can generally see you top up your account with anything from as little as £5 to £10. When using credit/debit cards, there is almost always a minimum £10-£20 limit on deposits. At the other end of the scale, most casinos will permit you deposit up to £2,000-£10,000 at a time, although a few can permit larger deposits.

As you are probably aware, many casinos offer deposit bonuses. The most common form of deposit bonus is the welcome bonus. This is offered when players make their first (and sometimes, second, third, fourth or fifth) deposit at an online casino site. Certain online casinos also offer continuous deposit bonuses on all of your subsequent deposits, though these don’t tend to be worth as much as the original welcome bonus.

Players may also find that a small bonus can be added to their deposits, if they choose to deposit using a specific payment method – one which the casino favours. This kind of Alternative Deposit Bonus, isn’t always available, though.

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