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Different Shapes of Dice

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Dice at casinos can have different shapes and sizes. The most typical dice that is not a cube can be bought in a set made of six dice or five. There are dice with six sides while some have five. The following are the other shapes of a dice:

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  1. Tetrahedron die - Each side of the dice contains numbers. There are three numbers each. The upright side is the same number on all the sides. This kind of die unfortunately cannot give a good roll and most players just throw them in the air.

  2. The typical die - This has six sides. The total of the opposite sides is actually seven.

  3. Octahedron is another dice at casinos with a triangular shape. It looks similar to two pyramid squares that are connected at both their bases. The total of the opposite sides is nine.

  4. Ten pentagonal dice - Each side is shaped like a kite. The five ends meet in one corner. There are ten sides and each side bears any number between zero up to nine. The odd numbers all meet in one corner and the even numbers on the other corner.

  5. Dodecahedron dice - There are twelve sides for this type at casinos.

  6. Icosahedron dice - This die has twenty sides. All are equal triangles. The total of the opposite sides is twenty one. An icosahedron die can be found in a museum in United Kingdom. It was made around the second century in Rome.

There are other dice with rare shapes. The best seller in this category is the joke dice. The shape is a sphere with the number one marking. The die's weight makes the other side get pinned down which reveals the opposite number. The other rare shapes are the called the following:

  1. Cylinder- This is a dice used in casinos with the shape of a coin. The number one is visible on a side and the other number which is two on the other side. This can be used in role playing activities instead of a coin to be flipped.

  2. A die with a prism in casinos - This has a prism. This should be rolled. This die looks similar to a precious stone for jewels.

  3. A dice with a triangle prism. The prism is very thin. It is thin that it can fall on its edge. The numbers on landing is usually between two to four. These numbers are closer to the end on top of the die.

These are just some of the most common shape variations of the dice. Some collectors enjoy acquiring them through the years.

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