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Downloadable casinos versus Instant Play Casinos

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Nearly every online casino offers its users both downloadable and non-downloadable or "online" option; but which one is most useful stays unclear for most of us, which is why this article will try and make it a little clearer for you.

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There are online casino fans and casino fans. Online casino fans love the range of games, accessibility, convenience, great bonuses and the rest of the online casino attributes that brick and stone casinos simply do not offer. Land based casino fans love the physical appearance and the whole social aspect to the gameplay. Nevertheless, many of them are a little intimidated by the fact that as soon as you are in the online casino world, you are expected to know a lot about technology. You need to make choices to which casinos to try out based on the tech security options as well as different registration processes etc. One of the more difficult questions for online casino beginners is the choice between downloadable and non-downloadable or "online" casino software, as it is hard to know the advantages and disadvantages of each method before trying them out.

The downloadable casino software is the most popular between the online casino gamblers today. It works fairly simple despite the extra time compared to the instant play option. You need to download the setup file from the casino operator and then install all the files to your PC. To access the software you can usually click on the short cut on the desktop or go to the start menu and find the shortcut there instead. The software is usually set up for the automatic update, so each time you open it while online, it should updater itself and bring you the latest version to play with. Some games might take a little time to load, especially if played for the first time.

Generally speaking, the downloadable version of the casino will indeed give you better game quality, in terms of more advanced graphics, faster and smoother speed, better sound quality, fewer lags in the process of the game play and so on. This is because having all the required files on your PC makes it easier for a program to use the files, eliminating unnecessary interaction with the game server that usually causes software delays in instant versions.

The unpleasant aspect of downloadable casinos is that their initial set up files could be large and therefore take time to download and possibly create less space on your PC, especially if you have more than just one casino in mind. The other reason many go onto choosing the "online" version of the casino play, is that it has less security concerns. With downloadable version casino software has to be allowed onto your PC sometimes manually, therefore giving you the tough choice of trusting or distrusting a certain site.

Non-downloadable casino software is usually developed using Flash or Java technology and you play the casino in your web browser rather than a separate downloadable casino software. With non-downloadable casinos all you need to do is create an account, go to the casino site and find the link that would let you launch the Flash or Java casino software. The lobby will load and you will be able to play your favourite casino games. Usually the games are available in the same variety for both downloadable and non-downloadable versions of the casino software, but sometimes availability may vary and then you need to check prior, which games are accessible through flash and which through the download.

The obvious benefit of such instant play casino is that there is no download involved, which is better for those with limited hard drive space or with many different casinos on the go, which can't all stay in the PC at the same time, as it would get as lot of space. The other advantage is accessibility, as you can play the non-downloadable casino anywhere in the world, from any pc you want in contrast to downloadable version, which only exists there if downloaded.

Nevertheless, you will still need to install the necessary Java or Flash software to get the games going. The quality of the games, as mentioned before will also suffer with this option, not too much, but noticeable when compared to the downloadable version.

There is no too hard decision to make if you are a new player, all you need to do is chose one or two casinos you would like to download and keep the rest on the instant play mode to keep your hard drive happy.

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