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Dressing Up to Win in Casinos

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Dressing up with clothes that you are comfortable with is a number one asset in the casino. Everyone that enters a casino house hopes to win big money. Everyone wants to feel good about himself. Everybody puts his best foot forward. All that it takes is a positive outlook on the happenings that will invade your body system as the games progress.

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One of the attributes that contribute to the feeling of well being is ones ability to carry oneself in confidence. This is heightened by one's appreciation of good looks, good grooming, and sense of good fashion dressing.

We dress to keep our body clean. We dress to show our sense of color combination and style. What does dressing up have to do with a visit to the casino house? A lot. You guessed right. Going to the casino house is dressing up for an occasion. It is an occasion to win, and if ever, lose a little.

We are positive thinkers and that makes the difference. Our mood shows in the clothes we wear. It tells other players who we are and what we are. It gives a picture of our behavior for the night. If you remember, there are house rules on the attire or dress code for players. It emphasizes proper usage of shoes not slippers, the use of mens polo shirts with collar and sleeves, no lingerie from the hotel room and so with pajamas.

The house rule calls for decency and the right clothes for the casino house. The house rule emphasizes that the house is a place for socialization at its highest level. Flamboyant clothing's are acceptable but it sure calls for a lot of attention. You never know what could be the objective of the players to do such a thing. Consider it a personal addiction or love for such clothes but sometimes this kind of clothes are better worn by celebrities who can afford good or bad publicity. The media will have some good photos and the casino wins hands down because of the free publicity.

The player who is at ease with himself wears clothes that speak well of him. He does not need a lot of attention or recognition. He is a happy decent and no nonsense individual. He plays the games well as sure as he is with himself and his personality that he projects. A too dressy person has several reasons in his mind. He probably wants to show off that he is loaded and can afford to bet hundreds of dollars.

It may be wise for this person to rethink his priorities either to win at the expense of first losing a lot of money. He never knows the streak of luck that may or may not come by for the night .We are just presupposing that he or she loves to dress up wherever the place may be. Surely the casino house is a place where one would love to look good decently and be a pleasing sight to other co-players as well.

When we dress up to win we bring Lady Luck with us because a happy person has a good aura on himself. If clothes do add a sense of luck, do so and dress to win. The trick maybe just that. It speaks well of you and you can be sure you could be the talk of the town. Simplicity abounds in rewards.

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