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Coming in the door of a casino you can hear bells ringing, machines humming, coins clinging, and people excitedly chattering. Someone who's never been to a casino might be wondering what it's like inside. Read through this article to familiarize you self with what is inside a casino. Every casino has specific rules regarding age limit. Casinos are very strict when it comes to underage players. Most casinos have an age limit of 21 (you must be at least 21 to enter the gaming area).

You just walked into a casino for the first time. You look in from the lobby and see and endless sea of slot machines. Where do you go from here?

Actually, what you should do begins before you even leave home for the the casino. If you want to enjoy your first trip, you need to do a little preparation.

First, check out the casino web site if you can. You want to find several items.

Parking - Most casinos have free parking, but a few charge a fee. Don't wait to get down there and loose some of you gambling money to parking. It's a small thing, but it can ruin the trip for some.

Specials - This is important. Many casinos offer bonuses on slot play points. If you go on a day with a high bonus, like 7x slot points, there is a good chance the place will be packed. You might want to choose a slow time so you can easily find the slots you want to play. Again, something this simple may make or ruin a trip for some people.

Special Events - On Saturdays and Sunday, many casinos have better and sometimes formerly famous groups appearing in their theaters and lounges for free or low prices. There may also be things like drawings for cars, trips and other prizes. The casino could be crowded. But, you may also want to be there for the event. Don't go on a Thursday only to find your favorite group from the 70's appeared the next day.

Slot Club - This is the single most important information you can have. If you are trying to decide between two or more casinos, this could be what makes the difference. Not all of the following may be online, but this is what to look for.

Restaurants - Know what you can get. Personally, I think every casino should have a buffet and at least one fine dining restaurant. You may be looking for a deli and a food court. Whatever the case, know what to expect. A bad meal at a style of restaurant you don't like could put a damper on your trip. If you go to the buffet, try to find out something about it first. Many casinos have wonderful buffets, with a large variety of well made dishes. Some have cheaper buffets with ordinary food. You may also want to find out if the buffet has special items on some days. Many casino buffets have outstanding seafood items on Fridays or Saturdays. Some offer a different ethnic food each day.

The last thing to do before you leave home is determine your gambling budget. THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO BEFORE YOU GO IN THE CASINO. Plan on taking money you can afford to lose. It is gambling. The odds are always in the houses favor. Don't plan on coming home with more money than you left with. Also, set aside some money for a meal or a treat. Many a losing trip can be turned around by a good meal.

If you don't have the will power, leave your ATM card at home. The worst thing to do is loose all your money and then run to the ATM to get more. If you spend your budgeted money, you are done for the day. Go home or go to the restaurant and have a relaxing meal. Maybe next time, the gambling gods will smile on you

Finally, decide your criteria for leaving the casino. There should one firm limit and you can have s everal flexible limits. First, the firm limit. If you lose the money you came with, you are done gambling. That never changes. Do not get more money

Now, the flexible limits. There are at least three limits you can use: time, money, enjoyment. Its a good idea to set a time limit. Let's say you choose to stay two hours. At the end of that two hours, you find you are having a good time, you still have money and you don't have anything you need to do for several hours. If you feel like it, stay, but change your time limit. Check where you are in another hour or two. This way, you keep track of your time and don't get lost for hours in the casino.

You should also set a limit on you winnings. If you double your money, its time to go home. This can also be a flexible limit. You have doubled your money, but you still have time left and you are enjoying the slots. Set a new limit - three times your original bankroll or you get back down to your original bankroll. Make that new lower limit a hard limit. At least leave even with the house. You had fun and it did not cost you anything. If you make it up to 3 times, you may then want to re-evaluate your limit. Maybe, set the hard lower limit at twice the original bankroll and a new upper limit at 4 times.

Finally, keep checking how you feel. If you are not having fun, go home. If you are with others, go do something else in the casino. You may also decide that you are having a good time, you are ahead, so it may be best to leave while you are still in a good mode. Don't let a good day be ruined by staying too long and losing your money. Its better to leave happy and with money in your pocket than to keep playing, hoping you will make more, only to see your money and your good mood vanish.

Some casinos do allow children, as long as they are with their parents before 10 in the evening. Know the age limit of the casino in your state to avoid being questioned. Even if you get past the door and manage to gamble, if you win a jackpot the casino will not pay if you are under their age limit. you might get away with playing, but you won't get away with winning. First time casino goers should have on hand at least two valid identification cards, with at least one having your picture attached. In case you win a jackpot, you will need two identification cards. If you've won $1200 or up, the the IRS demands a W2G form be filled out. You can get a Player's Card, with proper identification, in a great many casinos, nowadays; there is usually a Player's Club Booth. To receive great benefits from the casinos you don't have to be a high roller; you just need to present them your Player's Card, and your credits will build up as you play.

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