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Frequently Asked Blackjack Questions

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In this article we answer some blackjack questions that are frequently asked.

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1.Q: Why do they remove all the 10's from the deck in Spanish blackjack? A: In Spain a deck of cards contains no 10's, the cards go from 9 to jack hence the name Spanish blackjack. Other games also use the Spanish deck to increase house edge in that game.

2.Q: What is even money in blackjack?  A: When a player has a blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace up the player may take even money BEFORE the dealer checks for blackjack. It is the SAME as taking full insurance on the blackjack only faster.

3.Q: Can a blackjack player split a hand 3 or 4 times? A:  A player may split 3 times but will end up with 4 hands. Aces may only be split once and will receive one card for each ace. (Some specialty blackjack games allow aces to be split more than once).

4.Q: Can a blackjack player request a double down card to be dealt face down?  A: The CCC recently changed the rule to allow AC casinos to offer this option. Check with your pit boss to see if your house offers this to players.

5.Q: If a player is betting table max, how much can they bet for the dealer?  A: Most casinos will allow 10% of table max to be bet for the dealer. (15% @ D D)

6.Q: If table max is $500 and the player is playing more than one hand how much can they bet on each hand?  A: Table max applies to each bet. They may bet up to $500 on each spot they play.

7.Q: On a no mid-shoe entry blackjack game can a player play two spots then play one spot then play two spots again?  A: Yes as long as the player bet the first hand of the shoe and has bet every hand since.

8.Q: If a player offers a tip and says "play it or drop it" what should a dealer do?  A: A dealer should thank the player and  ALWAYS drop the toke when given a choice.

9.Q: How do you pay 3-2 on a pink ($2.50) chip when a player gets a blackjack? A: The true payout is $3.75. When you don't have quarters in the rack just pay $4.00.

10.Q: In blackjack if a player has an ace+3 (soft 14) and draws a 7 can the player take another hit? A: An ace is 1 or 11 but when a players cards total 21 the player CANNOT hit.

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