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Gambling for Money Using ePassporte

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The online gambling community was expected to take a hard hit as many payment processors, like NETeller and Payspark, pulled out of some markets. However, ePassporte has remained loyal to their customers around the world. As such, ePassporte may be set on a full steam course to becoming the number-one Online Gambling E-Wallet.

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Opening an ePassporte Personal Account is free, presenting the user with a Visa Virtual Account. This is a pre-paid Visa which allows users to fund online gambling accounts at any online casino, Online Poker room, and Online Bingo hall that accepts Visa as a valid deposit option. Once an account holder has made two deposits into their ePassporte Visa Virtual account, they also have the option of acquiring an ePassporte Visa Card, which may be used at any retail location that accepts Visa, plus to withdraw funds from over one million ATM's across the globe.

ePassporte may be used for a lot more than just funding online gambling accounts. The ePassporte Virtual Visa may be used to shop at any online merchant who accepts Visa. Send funds to just about anyone with an e-mail address, or receive funds from any ePassporte account holder absolutely free. Transfer funds directly into your Bank Account, or if you have an ePassporte Visa Card, withdraw funds from your account from over one million ATM locations worldwide. Let's review... ePassporte allows the account holder to:

Funding your ePassporte Virtual Visa Account is quick and easy, with several options to choose from. The minimum deposit is $25. A maximum deposit of $500 in any 24 hours period is allowed. The maximum deposit limit may be increased by obtaining an ePassporte Select Account. This will be covered in more detail below. Payment options include the following:

Fees that apply to funding an ePassporte Account are very low and reasonable. The fees vary depending on the method used and the amount to be loaded or reloaded into the Visa Virtual Account. Fees are incurred as follows:

Funding Limits of an ePassporte Personal Account are set in place when opening a Virtual Visa Account. These limits may be increased by obtaining an ePassporte Select Account. An account holder is able to upgrade to an ePassporte Select Account if they have met either one of two requirements. A.) The Personal Account Holder must have at least two verified load mechanisms, or B.) must have been an ePassporte Account Holder for at least three months and have made at least 5 deposits into their account via Checking Account or Credit Card. The limits set for Personal and Select Accounts are as follows:

Security at ePassporte is of up-most importance. The E-Wallet utilizes the most current security measures and encryption technologies to ensure their clients of the highest quality security and confidentiality. Transactions are protected by the use of Verified by Visa, ePVerify and SecureCode. Use of the ePassporte Virtual Visa Account to make purchases online, whether at online merchants or online gambling properties, is completely safe, utilizing password security and protection methods. Cutting-edge encryption technologies are implemented to ensure the confidentiality of an account holder's personal information is never compromised. Additi

As you can see, acquiring an ePassporte Account is beneficial in so many ways, not just funding online gambling accounts, and the fees incurred are very reasonable. Sign-up an ePassporte Account today and become a part of what is likely to become the number-one E-Wallet in the online gambling world!

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