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Gambling in Louisiana: Shreveport

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One of the largest cities in the United States, Shreveport is also home to a lot of casinos and slots machine havens that will make the hardcore slots machine fans want to come and just play their hearts out.

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Of course, just like in any other place in the world you have to know where you want go in order to play slots in Shreveport, Louisiana. On our site, you can find the recommended casinos to visit on a gambling holiday in the city.

El Dorado is the biggest entry into the slots machine picture in Louisiana. It also doubles as a hotel, from which it draws the majority of its gambling customers. The gambling scene in El Dorado is one of the biggest in the United States. Imagine, it has over 1,000 slots machines in its inventory. You have a lot to choose from in here. If you don't feel lucky or think that the slots machine you're playing at is no good, you have about a thousand other ones to choose from.

What makes the slots machine scene in El Dorado attractive is that it has a lot of variations to choose from. If you love 5-reel slots machine games, that's no problem. The casino has something in store for you in this preference. There are also slot machines in the El Dorado that lets you win with criss-cross patterns. Of course, to up the ante, El Dorado has a selection of progressive slot machines with which you have the chance to win a huge amount of money that might yet change your life for the better. Aside from slot machines, El Dorado has a wide selection of casino games for you to choose from.

Yet another big-time casino in Shreveport, Louisiana, Sam's Town Casino also has more than a thousand slots machines in its inventory. Specifically, the casino has 1100 slots machines spread out in 3 floors of games. It's slots machine department is also evolving pretty fast, as the Casino has new games arriving weekly for the benefit of its guests and customers.

Using the slot machines and other games in Sam's Town is quite convenient and easy. All you have to do to fund your account is to use your credit card, which means that you do not have to bother with cash and coinage to start your gaming experience in the casino. All of this make Sam's Town Casino a good stop for your gambling holiday in Louisiana.

Last but not the least is the Horseshoe Casino Hotel. Just like it's competitors, Horseshoe Casino boasts of a wide range of slots machines in which its patrons can play and try their luck in. It has a lot of denominations in which its patrons and visitors can play in. At least a penny can be used within the casino to play within the Horseshoe Casino. The casino also offers a jackpot of at least $50,000 to its lucky players who can play at the third level of the hotel.

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