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Gambling in Massachusetts: Legislation

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Massachusetts is one of those states that you'd like to visit because of their age-old universities, intellectual culture, and nice cool weather. However, if you're here to gamble you're out of your luck.

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For one, this state doesn't allow anyone to own any kind of slots machine that has been manufactured less than 30 years before. This is more stringent than those of other states, where antique slot machines are those that were produced at least 25 years ago.

If you're thinking of spending your day in casinos, you're out of luck as well, there are no casinos in Massachusetts. There have been talks about creating tribal games, but these are still quite far-fetched. If you wish to play, you'll have to wait for a casino boat that docks in Lynn.

Here are some of the gambling laws of Massachusetts:

If game of chance is applied, you are going against the law. Chance is one of the factors that are being used to classify a normal game to a gambling activity. The other one is skill. If skill is more predominant in a game, you are safe. However, if it's the other way around, you can be considered as violating the laws on anti-gambling. You are also considered gambling if your winning is $4 or more. Of course, you are also gambling if you have placed bets, regardless if the venue is public or private. You can wager on horse and dog races. You can bet on horse and dog races provided that the operator is licensed to operate. Otherwise, you could be questioned by authorities and even be given penalties or punishments because of your own doing. No betting houses are allowed. As mentioned, there shall be no establishment that encourages players to make a bet. This means that unless Massachusetts will become more open with their anti-gambling laws, there will be no casino that will be put up in the state. You can look for underground casino, but then, that's still considered as illegal. You also cannot make a bet in bowling alleys and pool halls. It is also not allowed to make bets when you're one mile from a cattle show. Moreover, you cannot use the telephone to place a bet on any game. Bazaars and raffles are okay.

Massachusetts can be pretty lenient when it comes to raffles and bazaars. However, organizers have to see to it that the proceeds will go to charity. Massachusetts doesn.t have clear rules when it comes to social gambling. To be safe, make sure that you can ask your gaming commission--the one in charge of raffles, bingos or bazaars, if what you're planning is within the context of law or not. The punishment can be a misdemeanor. Whether you're a professional or a social gambler, if you are found out to be violating the law, you could be charged or sentenced with misdemeanor. This could mean that you would spend a year or less than that in jail.

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