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Gambling in Virginia

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If there’s one thing that you’ll learn to love about Virginia, it’s the fact that it’s teeming with history and culture. Sad to say, though, there isn’t much happening in the history of gambling in this state. It has remained elusive to casinos and other types of gambling activities.

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Let’s start with what’s good about Virginia. You are allowed to own a slot machine. In fact, you can pick your most favorite one, which can be either brand new or antique (collectible). You can go for the best slots games and play with your friends and family. You can even invite your entire community. Simply put, the law is lenient to slot machine ownership.

However, there are a number of downsides. For one, even if you’re allowed to own a slot machine, you’re really not permitted to bet or play with it using any coin or item of value. You have to practically find a way on how you can spin it without any money. Otherwise, it is already a form of gambling in the state.

You may also decide to go to a nearby casino if you don’t own a slot machine. Surely, you’ll find at least one that has hundreds to thousands of them on the casino floor. Well, you’ll just be dismayed. There’s no such thing in Virginia. There are no casinos where you can enjoy slot machines and win Progressive Jackpots. You could not even improvise. You are restricted to own or use any gambling device or organize a gambling activity in any place, such as your own home.

If you’re too eager to play slots, your most ideal alternative is to travel to nearby cities or states like West Virginia and North Carolina. They have quite a number of casinos that you can choose from.

Okay, there could be some point that you would think, “Hey, why travel when I can just go online?” Of course, there are hundreds of online casinos out there. But you’re met with two problems. Most of them don’t accept U.S. players. Two, though the state still doesn’t have any solid law when it comes to Internet gambling, it doesn’t mean that it’s already okay to do so. You could still be going against the law.

So what can you possibly do in Virginia? Well, you can try your luck in horse race betting. It’s completely legal here. However, greyhound racing is not. Social gambling is also allowed, so you can invite your friends to come over to your house for some poker, provided that the dealer will not receive any monetary value for his or her services. If possible, the winner should also not receive any kind of money, and no one should make any kind of bet.

You can also join activities that are being sponsored by charitable organizations, such as duck racing, bingo, and raffles. It’s also okay to compete against other people, vehicles, or animals. Virginia also has its state lottery, where, if luck would side with you, you can earn millions.

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