Gambling on the internet in South Africa

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There have been many ups and downs when it comes to online gambling in South Africa. In fact, South Africans had to deal with a time when gambling was illegal and the only game you could find was one behind closed doors. Luckily, things have now changed and online casinos, free online gaming sites, and land based casinos are quite popular in SA. This open new doors for online players who which to start learning how to play at casinos.

Sun City was the first of many world class casino resorts to be established in South Africa. There are now many different casinos scattered throughout the country and many online casinos that cater to the needs of the South African market.

The truth is that many land based casinos are not nearly close enough in location to be convenient. Many South Africans cannot simply run into their nearest casino whenever they feel like enjoy a few slots games. This is where online casinos excelled. More and more South Africans started to turn to the internet and online casinos for entertainment.

There are many benefits to choosing to gamble at an online casino instead of a land based one. Firstly, players based in SA appreciated the security that came with gambling from the comfort of your own home. Crime statistics in South Africa mean that there is a good chance that you would be a victim of a robbery on the way home from the casino. This is especially the case if you have won a substantial amount of money. You can safely transfer winnings from your casino to your bank account when gambling online.

Another benefit would be the convenience of being able to enjoy some online gambling fun at any time of the day or night. You can simply use your computer, mobile phone or tablet to access the online casino.

One of the other reasons why many South Africans prefer online casinos to land based ones is because the gambling experience can be tailored to suit their individual tastes and preferences. For example, if you do not like the sound effects or music playing, most online casinos will give players the option of turning it off. You cannot do that when gambling at a land based casino.

The first online casinos that catered to the needs of the South African player were locally based. They included Piggs Peak Casino, Silver Sands Casino and African Palace Online Casino. These days, many international online casinos welcome players based in SA with open arms! They will even give players the option of using South African ZAR as the deposit currency and the playing currency.

The internet has truly helped South Africa to feature in the global market. International brands and casinos are seeing the value and the potential that lies in the South African Internet Gambling Market. This means that South African players can expect an even better online gambling experience from online casinos in the near future. There has truly never quite been a better time to try online gambling if you are based in the beautiful country of South Africa.

Be sure to keep an eye on the rules on gambling in South Africa. Check out the website of South Africa's National Gambling Board.

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