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Gambling Online with eCash

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"eCash" is an internet term that literally means Electronic Cash. ECash is purchased via a credit card, and can then be used online to gamble, purchase goods and services. The eCash processor is like a Casino Cashier, changing your money into casino chips and coins. When you cash-in your chips and coins, the eCash processor exchanges your eCash (chips and coins), back to money.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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Inet388 Exchange is the eCash processor for Casino388. Casino388 is part of a group of merchant companies that use the Inet388 Exchange eCash service. As the Inet388 Exchange group of merchants expands, players will have the option to use their eCash to purchase goods and services with other merchants. In order to play for "real" at the casino, players are required to purchase eCash from Inet388 Exchange, which is then converted to chips. During the cash-in process, any monies to be deposited back into credit card accounts will also be handled by Inet388 Exchange. The Relationship Between Casino388 and Inet388 Exchange.

When you open an account with Casino388, you automatically open an identical account with Inet388 Exchange. Inet388 Exchange handles all your financial transactions through its Verisign?secured Electronic Cash system. Inet388 Exchange's Electronic Cash system utilizes proprietary security software and the Netscape commerce server to protect all information sent over the Internet. All information provided is encrypted utilizing a widely used and reliable technology.

When you register with Casino388, you will be provided with a Username and Password. Your Username and Password are confidential. Please keep these identifiers in a safe place, which only you can access. Should you forget your password, the casino will provide you with a new one. In order to receive a new password, you are required to email Customer Support with the last 4 digits of a credit card registered to your account for verification.

Passwords are confidential and are never given out over the telephone or fax. It is not recommended that you store your password on your computer. You may withdraw all or part of your account balance using your Visa or MasterCard registered at Casino388. Cash-ins will be refunded back to your Credit Card up to an amount that does not exceed your purchases on the same card. Amounts in excess of your purchases will be refunded to you by way of Bank Draft via mail or FedEx (for a small service charge). The minimum withdrawal is $10.00 US. For FedEx mailings and bank draft mailings, you will be asked to provide in confidence your name and mailing address. For credit card inquiries please email Inet388 Exchange, our eCash processor:

Please note: Inet388 Exchange only deals with eCash related issues and will be unable to assist you in casino related matters. Casino388 reserves the right to select the manner, whether by credit card (one or more of your cards), bank draft, or by a combination of these methods, to refund your balance. We reserve the right to combine your different accounts into one for withdrawal purposes. Inet388 Exchange accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Deposits via credit card will normally be available in your account in less than 30 seconds. Deposits, using your credit card(s), require a minimum amount of $30.00 US. Daily purchase limits are currently set at $2,000 US per credit card and are subject to change to change without notice at any given time.

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