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Gambling the Macau way

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Macau is one of the places which had legalized gambling. Gambling, as we know, is very popular in Asia, and Asians are famous for spending much of their money in gambling. After the legalization of gambling, it has become one of the important contributors to the Macau economy. Tourists from all over the world visit Macau because of its casinos or gambling houses. On the other hand, the Macau locals do not like gambling very much.

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Available in Macau are gambling games like horseracing, greyhound racing and casino games, just like what you will find in the United Kingdom. You can also play lottery in Macau, but all gambling services must secure government permits first to operate. At present even though online gambling is very popular, it has not yet invaded Macau.

The most popular gambling game in the Macau casinos is what we call the baccarat. Blackjack and keno are the other gambling games played in Macau casinos. Sands Macau, Casino Lisboa, Grandview Casino and Casa Real Casino are just some of the casinos in Macau. These casinos mostly are hotel-type casinos. MGM Grand Macau, another casino will open in Macau in year 2007.

Like in United Kingdom, betting on sports events is also a common gambling game in Macau. Horseracing is one of the sports that can be bet on in Macau. Macau Jockey Club, formerly Macau Trotting Club, is the place you want to go to for horse races. Macau Jockey Club has also helped many people in Macau by employing thousands of people.

Macau Jockey Club gets tons of bets due to the popularity of this gambling game. Because of the big demand, they offer on-course betting, off-course betting, internet betting, telephone services, fast access terminals and Hong Kong Service Centers to serve more clients.

If the Macau Jockey Club is for horse racing, Canidrome on the other hand is for greyhound racing. Like in horse racing, gambling fans can bet thru on-course betting or off-course betting. Hotel Lisboa, Kam Pek Casino, and Jai Alai Palace offer off-course betting of greyhound races.

Even though gambling has helped Macau in many ways, people still look at it negatively. Gambling has been blamed for organized crimes and the increasing crime rates. It's as if it does not matter even if the gambling industry gives jobs to people and helps generate income for the government. There are really people who are so pessimistic about gambling

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