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Gambling tips of the week

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What follows are our weekly gambling tips. Gambling can be fun whether you do it online or in a regular casino, but the important thing is to remember that is a game. Don’t spend the money if you don’t have it. When gambling online, in places where you are allowed to bet. It can be hard to stop because you are home and you have access to credit and bank cards. When you go to the casino these are things you can leave home.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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Tip #1: Only Gamble the money you can afford to lose.

Tip #2: Gamble only half of what you are willing to risk

Tip #3: Try not to get greedy. If you win big or win at all walk away

Tip #4 is pocket your winnings. But this can work two ways. If you play with your bankroll it may be more than your winnings and if you lose, you will lose your bankroll. If you play with your winnings then anything else you win above and beyond that is extra winnings plus you still have a bank roll.

Tip #5 Know when to stop

That Tip is very important because if you are winning you may have the bug and want to keep going until you hit a lot of money. While it sounds like a plan it is a bad one. The most important thing that separates recreational gambling and an addicted gambler is knowing when to stop. Play in moderation and just know when to stop. If you feel better gamble with a partner so they can help you walk away. Use them almost like a designated driver.

Don’t bet big right off the bat, feel out the game and your skills. If you play a few rounds and don’t win anything yet then keep the bet small. Only gradually increase the bet when you are doing well and you understand the rules and terminology.

Before logging onto an online casino expect not to win at all. This will keep the amount of money low. If you start to win then you could increase the money but if it is your first day then try to maintain the bet level as low. You can always come back and increase the next day. Try to gamble with a realistic attitude. The chances are of winning a huge jackpot is like 1 in a million plus. So when you gamble, play to lose and when you win, it is a bonus. It is easier said to that in a brick and mortar casino then it would be in an online casino.

Play carefully and play wisely. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Gambling can be addictive and if you feel at any time that you are gambling erratically then quit. Shut down the computer and walk away before you end up in a deep hole. Some people don’t have a gamblers attitude and some have addictive personalities.

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