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Getting started with playing bingo online: A Beginner's Guide

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Bingo is one of those crossover games. It isn’t exactly a casino game, yet the way people play this game for money often makes bingo look like one. That is why more and more people have started to play bingo online. There are basically two types of bingo players. People in the United States are used to the 75 Ball Bingo and they more often play this game in a bingo hall then online.

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People in England and Europe are more familiar with the 90 ball bingo game. The older generation is still going to local bingo halls. However, the people between the ages of 18 to 30 are more often found at Online Bingo rooms.

There are literally hundreds of online bingo sites that cater to people that live in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. In America, there are far fewer websites as the online bingo game hasn’t become really popular yet.

Here is a quick tutorial on both of these games:

The traditional bingo game played in the States includes 75 numbered balls that have a corresponding letter associated with the number. Balls numbered 1 through 15 have an B and the number will be called out B-8. Numbers 16 to 30 have the letter I, 31 to 45 is N, 46 to 60 is G and 61 to 75 is O.

The player will receive 1 or more bingo cards that will consist of a 5×5 square grid. Each square on the grid will receive a number with the exception of the middle square which is a Free space. Above each column will be the letters B-I-N-G-O. Under each letter will consist of random numbers that correspond to that letter.

After a bingo ball is pulled and a number is called, you will cover that number if it is on one or more of your bingo cards. The object is normally to be the first to cover a row, column or diagonal of 5 numbers. Then, you would call out bingo and receive your prize.

There are also specialty patterns that may need to be covered before you get a bingo. This may be an X pattern or 4 corners for example. There can be hundreds of different patterns that can be used.

The 90 ball bingo game that is most popular in England has several differences. The 90 bingo balls that are used do not have letters. Instead, this game is played on a 3×9 bingo ticket.

The 3 rows include spots for 9 numbers, however only 5 of these spots will have numbers when you receive your ticket. This means that there are a total of 15 numbers on 27 spaces on the bingo ticket.

Each column can consist of 1 of 10 numbers. The first column includes numbers 1 to 10. The second column is 11 through 20 and that repeats until you get to the final row with numbers between 81 and 90.

The object of the game is to cover all of the numbers in a row first. This is called winning a Line. You can also win 2 Lines or you can cover all 15 numbers on your ticket first and call House.

The majority of the best bingo bonuses are going to be for the English bingo websites. This is because there is so much competition between the bingo rooms in England for new players. These bonuses will often have favourable rules that will help the player have a better chance of winning the first time they make a deposit.

Making a deposit at a bingo site is much easier in the UK and Europe because there are instant cash options such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Click2Pay and Neteller to name a few. The current rules in the U.S. means that these options aren’t available for Americans.

Of these options, PayPal is the easiest when it comes to making a withdrawal from your bingo account. If you want more information, please take a look at these PayPal bingo sites. The only options that US bingo players are going to have are usually credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

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