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Give Blackjack a try next time you visit a casino

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Whenever you are searching a card game that moves and energizes players, then your search will end at the nearest blackjack table.  For nearly a century, this simple casino standard has captivated the attention of millions of visitors to casinos around the world.  The object is so easy, and even so defeating the dealer's hand and making that elusive twenty-one looks so difficult!

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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Online Blackjack is still as stimulating but also provides the extra benefit being able to play blackjack online in your own home, at any time you want, with tailor-made betting alternatives just for you.  At Power Casino, we have everything you want to get rolling at the tables, plus a bit to spare that will sustain your bankroll.

When the game of blackjack first started, the only winning hand was a black Jack (clubs or spades) and an Ace.  Although the game has maintained the original name, the conventions have shifted a bit in favor of the player.  Contemporary blackjack is easy to learn with respect to the actual rules.  However, honing a workable winning scheme can require weeks and months of drills and paying attention to other players.

Similar to most of the common casino card games, blackjack uses the traditional fifty-two-card deck.  In some instances, the dealer uses a box called a "shoe", which holds as many as six to eight decks.  Each deck has nine number cards, two through ten, whose value corresponds to the number on their faces.  The three face cards (Jack, Queen, King) also each have a value of ten.  Lastly, each Ace can be valued as either a one or an eleven depending on the situation.

The best two-card total score a player can hold is twenty-one, and the final object of the game is to come as near to this score without surpassing it.  In the meantime, the player must also have a better score than the dealer, which creates elements of skill and technique in this game.

A blackjack hand starts out with each player placing his or her bets.  Each table has requirements for a minimum bet; while some have a ceiling on bets that limits the amount you are able to bet.  Players should know and understand these limits, since betting the proper amount is a crucial component of increasing your playing time and handling your bankroll.

The dealer then notices the bets on the table and gives each player two cards face up.  With some versions of the game, typically those with either one or two decks, the dealer deals the cards face down in order to stop card counters.  At all online tables, the software deals the cards face up.  The dealer then deals his first two cards, one face-up and the other facedown.

Although the actual gameplay experience of a blackjack hand starts out simply, the action gets more complex as the game progresses.  After looking at your two cards, you'll have the choice to either "stand" (keep your current hand) or "hit" (take another card).  You can stand at any time and hit until your total reaches or exceeds twenty-one points.

If you have a paired hand (e.g. 88), you can "split" your cards into the start of two distinct hands for an additional bet.  If you have a starting hand totaling nine, ten or eleven points, you can "double down"; for an additional bet, you can take one and only one additional card.

The most effective strategy is to presume that the dealer’s facedown card is a ten-value card (ten or face card) and to base your next move on how to outscore such a hand.  For instance, whenever the dealer has shows an eight as his face up card, you should operate with the thought that the dealer has eighteen.  Thus, you should attempt to create a hand of at least nineteen to win the hand.

Rules often vary between casinos as to whether dealers will stand on all hands with a score of seventeen.  In some casinos, dealers will hit on a "soft" seventeen (e.g. Ace-Six).  According to the rules in most casinos, the dealer will hit his hand until it reaches a preset total.  Players are often better off hitting a weak hand (and risking going over twenty-one) than waiting for the dealer to lose.

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