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Greg Merson to win World Series of Poker 2016

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The World Series of Poker Main Event has taken place not so long ago. The winner of the Main Event and the tournament itself is Greg Merson from the USA. The American gambler won the $8.53 million title. It took quite much time to determine the finalists. When the names of the three young gamblers were announced, everyone was shocked. Greg Merson, Jesse Silvia, and Jacob Balsiger were quite surprised by the opportunity to meet at the final table as well.

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Their final battle lasted for more than 13 hours. It took more than 400 hands to finally determine the name of winner. And it was Greg Merson who won World Series of Poker this year. He showcased his skills and knowledge of the game, and his ability to win poker tournaments. Throughout the entire event, he proved to be the most mentally stable of all other participants.

It is true that many gamblers were hoping that Jacob Balsiger would win. Jacob was thought to be an outsider, the youngest of all other finalists to participate in the poker tournaments. After all, Jacob Balsiger managed to get to the top 3. In the even Jacob would won the Main Event, he would become the youngest champion in the history of poker. At least, that was something many gamblers wanted him to be. Another reason for him to be in favor is that he had risked all chips countless times, but somehow he safely doubled all the time. But towards the end of Main Event, Jacob pushed his 20 million with Q-10 and run up to Merson’s K-Q. That was the last hand of Balsinger. Nevertheless, he left with his $3.80 title.

It did not take too much time to get to the very last moment of the World Series of Poker. Merson made his opening, got re-raised by Sylvia, and then announced the all-in. It took almost four minutes for Sylvia to make his final move. And when he did it, it turned out the chances of the two gamblers were almost equal. Merson had 55% with his K-5s hand and Sylvia had 45% with his Q-Js hand. Almost everyone in the audience immediately stood up. People watching the stream jumped from the sofas as well. The flop turned out to be small and uncoordinated. The turn and river did not change anything either. Merson did win the WSOP Main Event. And the first thing he did after he realized he was the winner, he came up to Sylvia and shook his hand. Only when he did it, he went to his friends, family, and all the fans of poker tournaments.

It should be noted that Greg Merson is the finalist of many poker tournaments. He is now the owner of the World Series bracelets and the Player of the Year. He proved to be even more skilled player than Phil Hellmuth, the one who won much more poker tournaments than Greg Merson. But even though Helmuth is thought to be a more experienced gambler, he still could not outscore Greg Merson.

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