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Guide to Craps Etiquette

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Shortly after the start of organized gambling, players understood that a well defined code of etiquette could help prevent cheating, and help players communicate with each other and the house. It is difficult to pin down the exact roots of craps etiquette, but it certainly is nothing new. We know that craps was brought to America by the French through the ports in Louisiana in the eighteenth century and a great deal of the etiquette we see today was already being practiced.

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The use of loaded dice was probably the most feared form of cheating in the early days of the game. To stop players from swapping legitimate dice with the “fixed dice”, certain pieces of etiquette were accepted to dictate how players could handle the dice. In casinos players are expected to handle the dice with only one hand. If for any reason you want to switch the dice from one hand to the other, the most accepted way to do so is to put the dice down on the table and then pick them up with the other hand. When handling the dice you generally are forbidden from taking them beyond the edge of the table, even when in plain sight.

Finally, when you throw the dice, they have to bounce off the far wall and bounce back. If your throw does not make it to the far wall the casino has reason to be concerned that your throw could have been controlled, not random. Other Things To Think About To make sure players are focused on the game unnecessary items like drinks, cigarettes, cell phones and food should all be kept clear of the table. When, for whatever reason, a die stops while leaning on an object, the number read is the number that would be facing up after the obstructing object is removed from under it. Not all etiquette is quite so rational though. As with all casino games, superstition plays a considerable roll in the expected etiquette. For instance, in the middle of a round, a player is expected to not say the world seven (because sevening out would end the round on a bad note).

Instead of seven you should simply say “big red”. In the middle of a round it is bad luck to change the dice. If the dice fall off the table, instead of replacing them, the box man should inspect them and put them back in play. On the internet, craps etiquette is usually considered negligible. Nobody has to worry about loaded dice, dice control, or even theft. The digital world provides a much more controlled gaming environment. Before playing craps in a land casino for the first time it is smart to play in the more relaxed environment offered in online casinos so you can focus on learning the fundamentals of the game. Whether the etiquette in question is part of casino policy, or simply a superstitious belief of the players at the table, you shouldn’t play in casino until you understand every nuance of what is expected of you. For minor infractions you only risk annoying (or maybe infuriating) the players around you. However, for more serious breaches of etiquette, though, you could be removed from the casino. Regardless of the consequences it is best for all everybody if you make an effort to conduct yourself as properly as possible. When you are ready to put this knowledge to good use hop over to our online casinos review section.

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