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Guide to Dice Control - Winning At Craps

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Most people think the idea of controlling the dice on a craps toss is ludicrous. After all you've got to bounce the dice off the craps table which sends them spinning off the far wall before they roll back and finally come to a rest. Even with these many variables some 'professional' craps players claim they can influence the result of official, fair casino dice by rolling them without breaking any casino rules. The first aspect of controlling craps dice is your grip. You want to practice all types of grips until you can decide which is best for you, but the 3-finger front grip is said to be one of the most effective. The best grip for each person can vary but what you want to focus on is how each one feels or you. To have a controlled throw you need to have a grip that minimizes friction and feels 'balanced'.

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You want to feel like your putting an equal amount of pressure on each dice and minimize how much area of the dice is in contact with your skin. When holding the dice with any of these grips the dice should be 'kissing' each other, or in other words they should be resting together with no space between them. Each dice should be reading the wanted value while in your hand, with the desired value either facing towards the wall, away from the wall, up, or down. If you think your sweaty fingers are hurting your throw, take a lesson from the pros and keep some chalk in your pocket to dry your finger tips with. The dice should be rotating in the air, but they should be rotating together. You only want the dice to be rotating about their left-right axis. A helpful way to visualize this rotation, is to think of a rotating wheel. You want the dice to rotate as if they were wheels rolling AWAY from the wall, or in other words, a backspin. The plan here is that the hit the wall straight on while each is moving through the air exactly like the other.

The end result of this is that the dice should often show the same number, and these numbers can only be from the set of 4 numbers that revolve around the same axis. This boosts your odds high enough to account for the house odds, but only if you can actually achieve dice control. A common pit fall faced by dice controllers is unintentional thumb interference. To keep your thumb from disturbing the dice, you should make sure your fingers remain in contact with the dice at least as long as your thumb, if not longer to keep it from sending your dice hurdling randomly through the air (like your average player's throw). If most of your throws are hitting the ideal value, your technique is consistent, and you're always dipping your hands in your pocket to dry off, the casino security will likely take notice and escort you out the front door. It is only very stupid players who think that the casinos are stupid. To use these techniques repeatedly in a real casino you're going to want to use a few different grips, take a dive from time to time, and blend in by acting like everyone else. If you are willing to put in the time to practice, and bet on some of the statistically safer craps bets (pass line with high odds), you can achieve a notable edge. Although you can't utilize the tools of dice control online, there is something to be said about playing craps in an internet casino. It gives you the opportunity to refine your strategies, put your knowledge to use, and learn the game. To learn more about, read our article about playing craps online.

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