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las vegas

Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

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Harrah's Las Vegas is resort located right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The casino was built in 1973 and was originally called the Holiday Casino. Since then, it went under some tremendous renovations including multiple expansions, redesigns, and even temporary closings. The property took on its current name, Harrah's Las Vegas, in 1992. This resort currently has 2,677 guest rooms which occupy several towers on the lot. It also has a famed 86,664 square foot casino that acts as a major attraction in the area. Harrah's Las Vegas is home to a major hotel facility that can care for thousands of customers at any one time. Unlike many of the other casinos on the Strip, Harrah's is not exactly famous for it's glamorous architecture or luxurious perks. In fact, this casino will remind you of the old Las Vegas, with dim lighting, and an overstuffed feel. The rooms are, of course, clean and well maintained, but they aren't as unique as those found elsewhere. You can expect a comfy bed to sleep on, and a TV to help drown out the noise of the strip, but other than that, these rooms are pretty drab.

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The upside, however, can be found in the low prices, which regularly beat their nearby competitors. Aside from the lodging, the hotel is home to a few restaurant options. Most notably their steakhouse, The Range, which is right in the hotel and overlooks the strip. If you are looking for something a bit more home-cooked, there is a Toby Keith-themed restaurant that is always cooking up something delicious. Every night, this place also hosts some form of entertainment. In the courtyard of this resort, you'll find their swimming pool and deck. Now this might have sufficed in the sixties, but after so much expansion, this YMCA-sized swimming pool cannot accommodate everyone.

Also, there are nowhere near enough lounge/deck chairs to go around, so if you want to have some fun in the sun, you should get to the pool before 10 am to reserve a spot! Transportation is a breeze from Harrah's. If you ever just feel like going to the downtown Las Vegas area, you'll be glad to know that the Las Vegas monorail stops right at Harrah's. If you are health-conscious, you might want to check out Harrah's aerobic center. Here you'll find all of the cardio and strength training equipment you'd expect including treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, and cable machines. This facility even includes a full spa to keep you fully relaxed and pampered. At $20 a day, this might seem slightly pricey, but compared to the other comparable facilities on the strip, it is actually a pretty good deal.

The casino in Harrah's is a real spectacle. It take some of the hallmark designs from its early days, and has added some modern perks to keep things running smoothly. Between live entertainment, and astonishing service, they really have set the standard for entertainment in Las Vegas. As a craps player though, you might be a bit disappointed. There are four tables in a really well built craps pit, and all of the dealers are skilled, BUT you can only get 3-4-5x odds. They don't even offer a great range of limits ($5-$5000) so budget players and high rollers alike can benefit by going elsewhere. If you like using the smartest bet in craps, the odds bet (more info here) then you should take five minutes and walk right across the alley to the north and visit Casino Royale, which offers 100x odds. Overall, this casino is really gambling oriented. The rooms, entertainment, and dining are fine, but the real jewel of this resort can be found in the casino. While this might be a huge draw for most gamblers, if you are a craps player you do have better options. For all of our casino reviews, and more Las Vegas info, check out the Las Vegas Craps Casinos page.

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