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History of Chinese Online Casinos

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Chinese online casinos started with the altered versions of Chinese gaming schemes like keno which took a new form when online gaming hit Nevada and Las Vegas. Foremost among Chinese gambling that underwent the drastic change from land-based casino gambling to online casino gambling was the Chinese lottery or keno.

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Chinese lottery goes way back 200 B.C. when its earliest form was birthed in chaos. A war leader then, unable to popularize the war among the citizens, drew financial support when he finally improvised a lottery among the citizenry. The lottery involved betting on Chinese characters used in the raffle.

Then this lottery was carried a step further. Through pigeons it was played long distance so people far away were able to participate. Results were relayed quickly via the pigeons that carried results. This was the first sign of gambling using networked communication and a herald of Chinese online casinos where more people can participate in gambling outside a physical venue.

Then in the 19th century Chinese workers first came to the US for rail construction carrying with them Chinese lottery. Lottery was banned in the US for a while then, but Chinese Americans played it in secret. Lottery became one of the first main features of Chinese casinos in America. To adapt to the American setting, Chinese lottery was changed from characters to numbers. This also paved the way to Chinese gambling modernization.

Finally, the 1930s saw Nevada State allowing gambling, but leaving out lottery in particular. So Chinese lottery was still illegal. But this did not faze the Chinese. Chinese casinos in Nevada gave it a new look, from plain lottery to horse betting---but it still functioned basically as a lottery. Gamblers bet on horse numbers. This casino-type gambling went on for a while so that after the law on lottery was lifted, Chinese lottery continued to have the nature of a horse race.

Thus, when horse racing was digitized in America along with other gambling games, Chinese lottery was included. Gradually, as computerized gaming in America became widespread and gave rise to Internet gaming, especially in the 1970s and on, many casinos opted to go online, among them Chinese operators of lottery. Internet gaming was more far-reaching, going beyond state boundaries, and US laws were at a loss to how this new gambling scenario could be regulated. Thus, the more the Chinese loved the new online set up.

The history of Chinese online casinos is characterized by Chinese and American adventurism.

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