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craps horn bet

Horn Bet in Craps

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The horn bet is not actually a specific type of bet, but a combination of one roll bets. In the same way the iron cross combines place and field bets, the horn bet takes the individual one roll bets, and matches them together to create a unique playing experience. Whether this is the kind of craps betting that appeals to you or not, you are sure to see people playing this way, and it is always a good idea to understand the different types of craps bets. There are four different types of horn bets, but we will start with the basic version. The basic horn bet is simply making an equal valued (usually just one dollar) one roll bet on 2, 3, 11, and 12.

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The total cost of this is only $4, and each one of these has such a large payout, that if one of these wins it greatly outweighs the other three losing bets. - The Craps Horn Low- This is the first of the variations of the craps horn bet. The craps horn low takes the basic horn bet and puts extra money on the 2. Generally this means $2 on 2, and $1 on 3, 11, and 12. - The Craps Horn High -This is the next type of craps horn bet. As the name suggests, you put the big money on the 12 (the 'high' number). Generally this is done by putting $2 on the 12, and $1 on the 2, 3, and 11. - The Craps Horn High Yo - The last type of craps horn bet follows the same pattern as the previous two. To play this type of horn, you need to put the big money on the 11. The example would be $2 on the 11, and $1 on the 2, 3, and 12. Practice the craps horn bet for free at Zodiac Casino. With their $777 welcome bonus, it has never been easier to be a winner.

At first glance the huge winning potential (up to 30 to 1) combine with the low by in cost of just a few dollars, seems to create a system that is 'unbeatable'. The truth, however, is that you are just combining very risky bets (see the table above) and still face an enormous house edge. The chance of hitting a 2, 3, 11, or 12 is not very great. Normal standalone one roll bets can quickly wipe out a player without a large bankroll, and horn bets just speed this process up. Unless you are prepared to see huge swings in your stack, horn bets probably should not be a go-to bet for you.

What you are really doing with the horn bet, is compressing a series of bets, into one single roll to speed up the already-quick one roll bet. Players who already use one roll bets because they embrace the risk might want to use the horn bet as a way to speed things up, and avoid the lengthy delay between wins. With proper money management there is no reason you cannot safely experiment with the horn bet. Now that you know how the horn bet is used, there is only one way to put it to use, and find out if it works for you. Drop by Zodiac Casino to play craps for free and test the horn bet, as well as any other craps strategies. While you are at it, click here to take advantage of our exclusive $777 welcome bonus.

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