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Hosting a Casino Party

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At birthdays and anniversaries, we put the main focus on the person or couple that is being celebrated. Great for surprise parties. The dealers, in black tie, and casino tables will be waiting for your guests to arrive. The “pit boss” (manager or MC), in full tuxedo, will be giving out hundred dollar bills with a picture of the individual(s) being celebrated. Within moments after these individuals arrive, an announcement will be made that the casino is open. Guests will then bring the "fun" hundred dollar bills to whichever game they want to play. The dealer will welcome them and exchange the bills for "fun" casino chips. Your guests can never run out of money because they can get additional "fun" hundred dollar bills. Any casino party can be from one table to as many as needed.

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Bar Mitzvahs are special events that are in a synagogue (with its own catering) or a catering hall. In either case, there is usually a cocktail & hors d' oeuvres' hour prior to the seating for the main party. My company has casino tables for the teenagers during this hour. It allows the adults to mingle while keeping the teenagers busy with a fun activity. At some bar mitzvahs my tables are open to all for the entire event. Parents and their children have fun at the games together. Respecting the significance of the event, we temporarily interrupt the games while candle-lighting or other activities take place. Another type of Bar Mitzvah with casino theme entertainment would be a three to four hour event only for the teenagers. Prizes, provided by the client, would be given out by the casino staff. Prizes at any casino party event are a nice touch but are not necessary. Everyone loves the entertainment of playing the games.

Night Clubs and Restaurants

Over the last thirty years I have had weekly casino nights in various nightclubs and restaurants. The customers had to buy chips in order to play. To make sure it was legal they could not receive anything of value; i.e., cash, prizes, free drinks or dinners, etc. The players - knowing these facts - still yell and enjoy the games just as if they were winning or losing something. The usual comments are, "Boy, why can't I get lucky like this in a real casino?" or "I'm glad I left my bad luck here.” The nightclubs or restaurants want my casino tables and dealers because those nights are always busy from beginning to end.

Trade Shows

Whenever you see booths set up at any type of a trade show, they always have baskets or bowls for possible clients to put business cards in. Sometimes they would give out key chains, pens, and all kinds of items to attract possible customers or clients. If they were lucky, the basket or bowl will fill one-quarter of the way up. When my clients put a casino table and dealer in front of their booth, people will line up to get a chance at playing. Their business card is their bet! Clients who use my tables at trade shows fill up nine or ten full baskets or bowls of business cards.

Goal-Oriented Casino Events

Managers, salespeople, college students, or employees of any kind are made aware of the casino theme party that would be scheduled in the future. As they achieve pre-determined goals, they get “fun money” to be cashed in at the event. When the event takes place, the better their odds will be of winning the prizes (not cash) that are waiting for them. Usually, everyone gets some kind of a gift just for being invited.

Customer Appreciation Events

Your clients and customers are invited to your South Florida casino theme party and they receive “fun” casino money to get the “fun” casino chips. They are not only entertained by learning to play, while they play , but have an opportunity to win a variety of different prizes (not cash). These events are not just “thank you dinners,” but are memorable events that keep your clients and customers with you and looking forward to the Next Casino party event.


Many fundraisers start off in the green ($$$) before the casino event even begins! I will personally meet with all organization members and show them how to: (1) have all the casino tables, dealers, and catering hall (including food and drink), paid for before the event begins; (2) how to have the largest amounts of guests attend the evening; (3) how to get donated prizes large and small without any difficulty; (4) have their guests entertained and looking forward to the next fundraiser, even if they made a substantial donation and did not win a big donated prize. Of course, there are no cash prizes! I like to call this “painless, enjoyable donations.” Even though, due to the nature of fundraisers, they require more of my time and effort, my charge remains the same as for any other party.

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