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How Casinos Lure Gamblers

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Casinos are making sure they are doing everything to feed their patrons with the delusion of good luck and high payouts; all to make sure that once the gambler is in, there is no fast way out.

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There are quite a few of those tricks they use, and the first one that is evident as soon as you approach the casino is the facade of the building.

A respected and popular gaming writer, Roberta Williams, explains: "Casinos try and ply their patrons with the idea of good luck. Above the urinals at Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City they would have photos of previous winners holding giant checks so there would be no escaping the pretense that everyone's a winner."

This is the first illusion the casinos create, as everyone couldn't be a winner. The usual outcome is that the house wins, otherwise they would not make enough money to maintain the luxury facilities with grand features, which are now the necessary part of any casino interior.

Casinos make sure they make money on every single game. This is why in poker, a game that is less reliant on luck and more on the skill, knowledge and other abilities; the house always takes its cut of the pot, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Another trick the casino uses is based on a very popular idea now in most supermarkets and other consumer businesses that have an objective of customer retention and usage frequency increase. The idea is simple - special casino credit cards, that reward you for gambling your money, so that the more money you gamble, the more free stuff you will receive from the casino.

Joey Farrales, who is a dedicated craps player, explained the view on this tactic to ABC News: "It's one of the most brilliant ways to keep you at a particular casino. When I go to certain casinos they have me on file and I'm treated to complimentary meals, tickets to shows and sometimes a free room."

This is not unlawful or deceiving in any way, but it shows clearly that they will do anything to keep you loyal and spending. The more facilities the casino has and offers, the more chances there are that gamblers will not leave, as there will be no need to leave the place that has everything.

The casino database is a very carefully thought through system, where the players are divided into the groups from low to high level players. The low-level players are the ones that spend around $5 per bet. The medium players are the ones that spend around $250 and the tastiest fish, the high-level players will spend thousands of dollars in one go.

Scoblete explains: "Each group looks up to the group above them as something special as, the higher you are ranked, the more freebies you get. The thing is that it's all an illusion as the greater power you have, the more money you're often losing. The players know this, but it's almost like a drug the casinos are feeding them."

The same idea is used in the online casinos where you have your loyalty levels, usually varying from bronze to platinum level offering better bonuses and giving more points for the same wagering actions to those on a higher level. Nevertheless, the level you have can be lost, is you stop actively betting and generally losing money. This means that once the gambler reached the desired level, he/she usually starts feeling superior. This feeling will keep the person betting in fear of losing their hard-earned status.

This has not been checked in any way, but following the common sense, the way to get around this and still be left a winner is to share an account with a few other people. If you deposit your fair share and record your winnings and losses, it can be possible to have 3 people on the same account, which will make it seem to the casino that 1 person is being very generous and loyal and therefore will reward you with freebies.

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