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How the first slot machine came into being

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When you step into a casino or access an online casino, there is no way you cannot find Slot Machines or online slots games. These are very popular in a casino, or we can notice that even in the smallest places which are also called casinos the Slots are which are on the first place. Not to mention the fact that these have a remarkable history.

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The very first Slot Machine appeared in 1891, in New York; invented by Pitt and Sittman. This invention was consisting of five drums showing poker hands. Furthermore, the paying system was quite different from today's payout techniques: the gambler who won benefited of certain prizes consisting usually of free drinks or cigars. These kinds of Slots included fifty Poker cards and at that time people could come up with a machine in almost every single bar. This went on until Charles Augustus Fey, who was a German immigrant invented the very first mechanical Slot Machine in 1895. This Slot was made by Fey in his basement and it was called the Liberty Bell. This meant the beginning for Slots in becoming popular. The real success for this was the fact that he was the first one to change the pay-out system and introduced mechanical payments.

Some time later, in 1909, Slot Machines were banned in San Francisco and then in 1910 in Nevada; after one year Slots became illegal in California as well.

In the meantime, Charles Fey had been inventing the next Machine after Liberty Bell, which was known as "4-11-44"- its name came from the maximum winning combination that one could benefit of, worth of five dollars. This new invention was consisting of changing the slots system in some way or another and placing new symbols instead of cards, as much as ignoring the five drums and introducing three reels. In case one had three bell symbols in a row, he scored the largest pay-out.

In 1931 gambling was legalized in the state of Nevada, and this way, many companies started producing and selling Slots for the number of casinos which opened in this location.

Another person of great importance who contributed to Slot Machine history was Bally, who in 1964 invented the electronic Slots, which were more secured and gamblers could not really cheat while playing. Actually, Bally was the one who manufactured the pinball machine; and also produced a Slot Machine which was called "Money Honey"; this was a multi coin machine. Money Honey was the first machine to have a which was the name for the specific place where money was stored and the winners could take out the payoff. In these circumstances the jackpot was increasing for the gamblers, so it was favorable for every player.

In 1978, in Atlantic City gambling was not anymore banned and Bally played a significant role in the market of Slot Machines. Furthermore, certain new symbols were added and in addition gamblers could play for $5, $25 and $100. This meant a great progress in Slots history. Players were no longer required to pull the arm, as microchip started to being used, so the spin of the reels could be controlled in the same time.

With the passing of time, more types of Slots were established, as today there is a wide selection of them in every single casino you step in. Or, you can play in online casinos on different online Slot Machines without leaving the comfort of your home. Considering the fact that Slots are very popular nowadays, people got used to them without realizing that some centuries ago it had been a great invention. But, this is progressing and thanks to technology, we should be glad that we are given such an opportunity. So, all you need to do now is: start playing at some Slot Machines!

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