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How to cope with losing in gambling

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When you lose a game in gambling, your first reaction may be to immerse yourself in worry and depression. That's usually the case. When this happens, you probably are thinking that it's a dreary situation that you are in that may last longer than you've hoped for. Don't engage in this particular thought. This won't help you in any way. It may only bring you towards more gloom and misery, and may even make you think that you weren't a good player to start with.

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Some may say that there is a particular pattern in losing and winning in gambling. You only need to learn how to go through these patterns.

Going through the winning pattern is all right and easy to bear. But, going through the losing pattern, well, there are different types of reactions to this. And you may do well if you lean on positive thoughts to get you through this state.

If you've never felt that pangs of losing before, you're in for a surprise. But, don't worry. This doesn't need to be too much for you to bear.

Here are some tips to get you through so you can build on courage even if you lose the game:

One: Distinguish the Failure. Try to be brave enough to look at your faults. Look for the mistakes that you've made that had made you lose the game. Never try to put the blame to other people or other things. This isn't necessary, and will only deviate you from seeing what you need to learn from.

Replay the game in your mind, and be honest in looking for the mistakes. Remember that you are only going to look for the mistakes not to feel more defeated in the process, but because you are to look for a way to learn from it.

Two: Take Steps to Get Out of it. It's hard to get through a losing situation. But deep inside you know that you have to get through this. This is where you have to act on something that you think will help you bear with the situation, and make it more worthwhile.

In taking action, you may have two types that will come to mind. One is to take actions to correct the situation where you have lost. And the other may act as a buffer or an insurance to hold you. You can take both these actions if you like. But, be sure that you are going to show yourself that you can do it.

Hoping for something to happen can help you. But to have confidence to face the situation, you have to know the helpful measures to steady yourself, and cure yourself of your depression from a losing situation in gambling.

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