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How to Milk Casinos in Las Vegas by Joining Loyalty Programmes

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You probably already know that almost every single casino in Las Vegas offers some type of loyalty rewards program to keep their customers happy. After all, it’s far from a secret; casinos around the world will do just about anything to keep loyal players returning month after month. The problem with loyalty rewards for the casinos, however, is that it is almost impossible to hand out the rewards fairly. What usually ends up happening is that smart gamblers know exactly how to beat the system and they walk away with far more than they ever intended to wager.

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Multiply that by the hundred and something casinos that dot the Las Vegas strip, and it’s entirely possible for a smart gambler to practically give up their homes and live on comp hotel rooms alone if that type of lifestyle would suit them. Of course, true high rollers receive these types of giveaways almost daily, and this article will teach you how to reap loyalty rewards just as they do.

Before we get to that, it is important to me to clear my conscience real quick by throwing out a little disclaimer. We do not endorse using any of the methods listed below and I am certainly not trying to teach anyone how to lie in order to get free hotel suites and tournament entries. This information is purely for educational purposes so our VIPs know how to handle the various casinos when they qualify for rewards…nothing more.

For slot machine players, your loyalty reward points are counted by inserting your VIP card into the actual slot machine so it can calculate your overall play. Every other Vegas Casino game works off of the honor system, meaning that a pit boss will “rate” the value of your play per hour to determine where you should fall in terms of comps.

The trick is to let the dealer know that you want to be rated before play begins so the pit boss can be notified. Once he knows you’re there, you will be “graded” on three distinct things-

Some players intentionally try to beat the system by cashing in for $5000 or more and betting the table maximum for the first several hands. If they win early then they keep up the pace as long as possible, even though they may have only planned to gamble a few hundred dollars total for their entire Vegas stay. This play style is certainly risky, but at the same time it could easily earn you several thousand dollars in comps over the course of the year. Even if you’re betting $100 per hand and roughly breaking even, that could easily calculate to over $5,000 wagered per hour and earn you the second highest tier of loyalty rewards in 30-40 minutes.

On the other hand, I’ve actually seen players watching the pit boss out of the corner of their eye and betting big when he’s close, then betting the table minimum when he walks away. Not only is this usually foolish, but it may also send a message to security that you’re counting cards or somehow cheating. If you’re going to try to bluff the casino into thinking that you’re a much larger shark than you really are, at least keep your wagers consistent.

Once you receive your first hotel comp, it’s time to go for a walk on the strip for a few reasons. First off, never gamble at the hotel where you are staying. That way, when another hotel gives you a room comp, it serves as leverage to receive better rewards at your favorite place. Head over to customer service and tell them that while you’d really rather stay where you’re at, it doesn’t make sense when the place across the street is offering you a mini-suite for the night and tickets to a show.

Now I know what you’re thinking; this type of scheming can not go unnoticed in a city like Las Vegas. The truth of the matter is that you’re perfectly right; the casinos know high level VIP’s take advantage of them and use their competitors as leverage. At the same time though, they are not going to let you walk out the door and stay with a competitor no matter what, so play the loyalty game. They need you much more than you need them, so you might as well reap the rewards of being a high roller.

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