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How to play slots in land based casinos

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The first thing you should do when toy get to a casino is to sign up for a Slot Card. Go to the promotions booth and ask them for an application. It is like a supermarket card, you don’t need to be approved you fill out the form and they give you a temporary card. Now, no matter what slot machine you play on there will be a slot for the card, always put the card into the slot. Keep in mind the card is only good for the casino you are playing in. You can have more than one slot card. For each casino you go into apply for their slot card.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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By using these cards you accumulate points. So you can use for meals and you can even get enough points for a room. Next, you can start playing the machine. Memorize the machines that are advantageous and how many credits the machine needs in order for you to play. Then check to see if the machine has been used most recently. Make sure you read all of the instructions on the machine, these instructions will tell you how many coins to put in and what you need to win. It will show you all the winning combinations you need.

Then insert the money into the machine. Some slot machines will give change, if you want to play a quarter but only have a $ 1. Unless the machine has a change button you will have to play the dollar or play the one quarter and cash out your change. If you don’t have change and you wish to use a dollar bill, only use the denomination of how much you want to spend. This saves on over betting and losing your money rapidly.

No matter how fast you pull the lever or hit the button, the machine runs on random numbers so hitting the button or pulling the lever is a matter of hitting it at the right time not whether or not you can speed play. Make sure that the machine has enough to pay out, if not call an attendant and let them know. Never walk away from the machine while you have winnings. There are not too many honest players in a casino.

You may notice that people looking around trying to find out if the machine you are using is a loose machine. They are hoping, if they see a player, play the machine for a long period of time without hitting to big then they have a chance once you get up. That sounds great in theory but it isn’t true. There is no cycle of when a machine will hit. It is a matter of timing. You are trying to have the machine display the right combination while the combinations are constantly spinning in the machine.

Slots is all a matter of chance, there is no true strategy if you have the great fortune of hitting the right combination at the right time then you will win big.

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