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How to prepare yourself before gambling online

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We’d like to equip our players with the following tips and preparations for internet gambling. Maybe you’re thinking: I don’t want to prepare, I just want to register a player account at any internet casino have some fun and maybe I might be in luck and win a little money! To be honest the internet casinos just love your kind of attitude because they know that at the end of the day you’re bound to play poorly and lose your hard earned cash. Ultimately speaking if you continue losing then the blame is solely yours.

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The good news is that it’s possible for you to win, not consistently but regularly enough to take home the internet casino’s money from time to time and to fund your next attempts by trying to win that elusive jackpot! If you really want to win, then we urge you to hunker down and to pay close attention to the advice given.

Do you want to play or do you want to win?

These are completely two different concepts. You must decide which one you want to follow. If you just want to play, be prepared to lose time after time the more you wager. If you genuinely decide you want to win, prepare to make some simple yet vital changes to your approach to gambling in general. We guarantee you that in the long run you’ll lose less and win more cash. No matter what the odds, luck will always play a pivotal role in how well you do when you gamble at internet casinos. Just to give you a simple example, when playing Roulette the best way to play this casino game is to put your entire bankroll on an even-money chance, spin the wheel once and if you win take you winning and run.

A positive feeling is very important to players. If you’re in a negative frame of mind, concerned about losing your money, frustrated or anxious don’t gamble. Save your time and money for another day. If you approach gambling in a negative frame of mind you’re bound to not only make the wrong decisions but lose as well.  Ask yourself this question have you ever seen a gambler in a negative frame of mind win? Players who are by nature pessimistic never hang on to their profit, they just continue wagering until every sent has been given back to the internet casino. There are psychological reasons for this; our brains are programmed in a certain way and for many gamblers, losing is a vindication of their world view and how they see themselves in it. No one will acknowledge this, few are even aware of it, but strong evidence suggests that this impacts on a large percentage of players.

A large proportion of players tend to say “I have gambled at the wrong time, maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind or maybe it was a combination of bad luck or even stupidity on my part. I got myself in this position because I felt downhearted. Every time I do this I lose without exception. If you follow this step alone, you will lose less money at internet casinos.

The biggest and most dangerous development of internet gambling is when players make use of credit cards to fund their internet casino play. Fundamentally this is against the principle of gambling since it is money you can’t afford to lose. This is quite obvious; a credit card extends money to you at a fixed interest rate and this money needs to be paid back. Rather transfer funds to a fixed offshore account such as Neteller where no interest rates are levied and to top it all most internet casinos nowadays might give you a deposit bonus for just making use of Neteller as s deposit option. Have a fixed bankroll of say a maximum of $2,000 over a period of 4 days wagering, in other words you daily bankroll is set at $500, if you have wagered this daily amount don’t exceed you limit!

One of the major problems of internet casino gambling is that players enter a viciously tough competitive arena where the odds are almost always stacked in favour of the internet casinos. A casino is not the place to get rich quick, unless players are playing Slot games and even the chances of you winning are very slim. Rather play table games, the best which are even-money chances, in other words where the internet casinos has less that a 3 percent edge against your bets. Your goal should be to make at least 50 percent profits. Set yourself small targets and when you’ve achieved those targets stop wagering, in essence walk away with at least 50 percent profit!

When playing slots, a target of any profit of 25 percent is achievable. The problem is that the majority of slot players never do this and this is just one of the reasons why Slot games make a fortune for casinos.

We’d recommend the following Microgaming online casinos, they not only offer top-notch bonuses but extensive casino and game reviews as well: 32Red, All Slots, 7 Sultans and Royal Vegas casinos.

Please gamble responsibly and always read the internet casino’s terms and conditions first. Start off with small amounts to familiarise yourself with the casino’s software before putting down huge deposits. Good Luck!

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