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How to win in online poker

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There are many Online Poker Courses and articles describing how to win in poker using the best poker strategies. I honestly don’t consider myself as the best poker player, but I’m convinced that my point of view and following chart can help to any poker beginner playing at tables with Buy-in up to 10USD/GBP/EUR.

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My experience is that players sitting at low buy-in tables tend to risk much more, because they don’t have so much to lose. That’s why you need to be very careful with your bets, some players are able to re-raise with pretty bad cards. You never know what to expect from other players. That’s the reason why you should primarily focus on yourself, your game, your poker betting strategy. It really doesn’t matter if you play Omaha or Texas hold ’em. I personally don’t like Omaha, so I’ll show you two strategies for Texas hold ’em that can be combined together.

1st Poker strategy to win is very simple. Play only with good cards. If you’re not sure about what’s good or not, check the table below. You can print it up and leave next to you while playing online poker, but trust me; you will remember the whole table after few games.

2nd Poker strategy is something based on my experience playing on tables with low buy-in.

Every time I get good cards, I’m trying to pretend that my cards are not so good at all. That means no aggressive betting right after you get your cards. Try to bet 1x Big Blind (BB), so only players with better cards will stay, but they will feel that you probably don’t have anything good. If your combination is even better after the flop, bet 1x Big Blind again. In this case, your opponents will almost sure that your cards aren’t good and the flop didn’t help you at all. They will probably raise and you just call it. Then it looks like you’re very afraid of the next card. When 4 cards are on the table, just bet 1,5x-2x BB again, your opponent will probably raise or check. If he raises the bet, just call it.

River – the last card on the table, if your position is really good and it’s your turn, bet 50% of your stack. If the opponent calls, go ALL IN! Your opponent will probably thing that you’re stupid, so he will call it. If you really have good cards, you should win the major part (or all) chips of the opponent.

The key for this strategy is to pretend, that your cards are bad and then that you’re just stupid, because to be honest with you, many players at low buy-in tables are. It’s good to stay hidden among them and then attack aggressively!

Good luck with these new poker strategies!

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