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Idaho State: Strict Gambling Laws

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Idaho has made gambling a difficult task. Strict laws have been passed that prohibit gambling by people privately. However, as gambling has taken its root deeply in the people of Idaho, you can still find casinos and slots machines nested safely within Native American Indian reservations where not only can you play your favorite slots, you can also experience the hospital of the Indian tribes.

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Idaho is one of the US states that allows a person to keep slots machines in his home. However, this exception is only lawful for those that hold antique slots machines. Possession of any modern slots machine at home is unlawful under Idaho state gambling laws. Under these laws, these antique slots machines are not to be operated in anyway and should only be used for display. Also, in order for your slots machine to be considered antique it has to be fully mechanical with no electronic component built into it.

One of the best places to gamble in the state of Idaho is the Clearwater River Casino. Aside from its slots, the greatest attraction you can find at the Clearwater is the view of the Nez Perce legend, the Sleeping Chief. This alone will make photographers and landscape artists find staying and playing at the Clearwater worth the while.

The Clearwater River Casino has over 600 slots machines, spread out in smoking and non-smoking rooms within its hotel business. Aside from slot machines, bingo gaming can also be played at the Clearwater. Fine dining can be experienced at the Riverside Restaurant that the hotel operates. If you want to come and experience what the Clearwater River Casino has to offer, head east from Leviston on Highway 95/12. You can find it at the western end of the Nez Perce Reservation.

There may be some people who don't like to play slots and want to play higher stakes games, but even those people can still gamble in Idaho. An alternative is bingo, as bingo is a legal form of gambling under the state laws of Idaho. Aside from that, you can also try big game horse racing. You can try horse racing at the Cassie County Fair at 1101 Elba Avenue PO Box 1222, Burley, Idaho.

Idaho has always been the home for Indians, who are also the most frequent visitors of the casinos in the State. Aside from quenching your hunger and desire for gambling, do take some time off to look around the state. You can find many Indian reservations in Idaho, in which you can learn more about the history and the culture of the Native American Indian tribes that have lived the longest in this state. You can also find Atomic City, a town that benefited from the nuclear boom in the previous century, in the state of Idaho.

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