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Insider Secrets to Squeeze the Most from Casino Loyalty Programs

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Okay, so you just earned your first loyalty rewards card. The bonuses probably stink, it doesn’t even get you a free T-shirt, and all of the good comps appear to be six to twelve months away…if you’re lucky. Of course, that’s how most loyalty programs work; the casino never gives you anything unless there is a perfectly valid reason for it. Guess what…we’re going to give you some perfectly valid reasons for your favorite casinos to increase your loyalty rewards today!

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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Gambling in casinos are great because everything pertaining to loyalty rewards is counted as it unfolds; your wagers, the number of hands you play, and your overall expected return on investment. The problem with this system is that it has one massive flaw…it relies on people.

Think about it; the only thing stopping you from reaching the top loyalty level immediately inside any Vegas Casino is a pit boss making $22 an hour, and this guy has a wife and kids to feed just as you do. In online casinos it usually gets even better; you’re talking to someone on the phone that is either bored out of their mind or tired of talking to jerks. Neither one really cares if you qualify for an extra VIP level or not, but you’d better come at him with the right approach. So what do you do?

A customer service agent’s main job is to solve problems, which means that they hear from irate customers all day long. Throughout their entire shift they hear about rude patrons, cheating dealers, corrupt pit bosses, and smoky lobbies…you name it and people complain about it.

If you want to squeeze a little extra out of your loyalty reward program, then pay close attention to that customer service person you’re about to talk to. Treat them kind and with respect, and at some point let them know that you sincerely appreciate their help despite such a crazy day inside the casino. Once you see their shoulders slouch a little as they relax, it’s time to ask about how the whole comp system works there (even though you already know). Kindness will get you more inside a casino than a straight flush to the jack; trust us on that.

If you want to be comped like a high roller then you better be ready to act like one. A whale does not cash in for $100 and ask for all $5 chips; neither should you. Instead, approach the blackjack or craps table with a few thousand dollars and start with all black chips. Ask to be rated (which means, “evaluate me to see if I deserve free stuff”), play a hundred per hand for a few rounds, and then ask to talk to the pit boss personally.

When he comes over, tell him that you’d like to be moved to a higher stakes table. If one is available immediately, then say something to the tune of, “Is that the highest you offer?” This will catch him a little off-guard, and before he has a chance to reply say something like, “Never mind, I have to meet friends soon anyway. I’ll get comped next time I’m in town.” Turn around, grab your chips, and head for the cashier…we promise that you’ll never make it.

Another easy method to get comped well above your betting level is to flat out earn it…sort of. Casinos calculate loyalty rewards by how much a player bets per hour, but the system rarely works that way due to the nature of the business. For example, many high rollers visiting a casino for an evening performance might drop a few thousand dollars on the way out the door, which is taken as a sign of a whale that is staying at another venue nearby. We’ve seen players get comped for a free monthly room just off of two or three bets; but they knew when and where to make those wagers.

The key to betting like a pro and gaining the right kind of attention is by maintaining a nonchalant composure that says, “I could care less if I win or lose.” People who gamble for a living often do not flinch when they lose $3,000 in a night, nor do they run up and down the aisles when they pick up $4,500 off of a lucky bet. Bet smart, stay serious, and ask about the comp plan right after laying down a couple sizable bets….chances are good that the answer you get will be pleasing.

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