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Is Bingo a Women's game or Men's Game?

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History books say bingo was invented by Italian men somewhere around the 15th century for recreation. But there is no argument that the game today is a woman’s forte with almost all bingo halls and more recently, Online Bingo rooms being occupied by the latter. Women have grown so much into bingo that men are not even considered worthy of playing this great entertainment pastime. Online bingo could have changed this scenario around but fact of the matter is that they only cemented the dominance of women in the game. Pink colored websites, girly giveaways, weight reduction products, make up, you name it, these websites have it on their inventory of giveaways. The overwhelming number of women players as compared to men does not make it any easier for a man to start off playing online bingo, let alone bring his buddies in.

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Even with the odds heavily stacked against men, there are still a number of advantages in favour of them playing the game. First and foremost, it’s an excellent form of recreation. You have typical men games such as poker and roulette which are equally good but can drain your pockets dry. You lose as you go along and if it is not your night, there is very little chance that you’ll go home with your wallet. Bingo, on the other hand, is more of a ‘responsible game’ as you cannot lose more than what you have bet. What’s more, even the smallest of bingo bets can win you big jackpots.

The game can be just as relaxing as poker with a handful of chips and cold beer by your side. There are some great variants of online bingo that can be enthralling and these games would probably last a couple of hours- just enough before you start getting a headache out of concentrating. Next, you have the chance of socializing. Bingo being a predominantly female game is a great place to meet women who share similar tastes such as yours. Even with online bingo, websites that offer the game have special chatrooms where bingo players can meet and discuss things outside the world of bingo.  Likewise, if you are with someone, a game of bingo would be fun with your female partner and you get to spend some quality time together. No more whining about not spending time together. A win-win situation for all. Now comes the winning part. With male oriented online bingo slowly becoming popular, there are websites that offer great bingo gifts for men. Apart from hard cash, you could win yourself the latest in gadgetry such as ipods, ipads and PS3s which are some of the giveaways in male bingo websites.

So the question as to whether men can play or should play bingo in itself is non-relevant. There is no reason why men should be kept out of all the fun because women are flocking to every possible online bingo website. The UK bingo scene is fast changing and it’s only a matter of time before there will be just as many men playing and winning bingo as women.

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