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Is Gambling at online casinos legal in my country?

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So internet gambling is a lot of fun. You want to try it. But is it legal? Are you going to jail for this? Well, first of all, if you live in a territory where online gambling is perfectly legal, or at least ignored by the law, you can be certain you're doing nothing wrong. This is why you must check with your local, state and national laws to make sure. Each country has its own laws. In Australia, online sports betting is legal, but it is a crime to offer internet gambling services to someone physically in the country. India neither prohibits nor allows online gambling. The United Kingdom allows sportsbooks online and offline. You should look into the status of online gambling in your country, and legislation made concerning the internet and casinos.

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If you live in the United States, the situation is debatable. An old law called the Wire Act forbids people from sharing sports betting info over telephone lines across state lines. Originally this was to protect sportsbooks odds in Nevada from being copied by illegal bookmakers elsewhere. But they say it now applies to the internet as well. Casino owners claim that the law covers only sports betting, and doesn't apply to online gambling with blackjack, roulette, etc.

Recently, US Congress passed a law prohibiting banks and other financial institutions from transferring money to online casinos. Don't be alarmed; legislators are after money-launderers and the mob, not single players like you. But this means if you're in the US, it's harder for you to deposit money to casinos. A lot of money transfer services have now stopped catering to American customers due to this law. You have to find other means. Your chosen casino should offer you alternative choices.

Poker deserves special mention. Given the nature of games like Texas Hold'em, gamblers say it is a game of skill, not chance like sports betting which the Wire Act refers to. They say that if one plays poker against other persons, not taking a share in the house profits, and not engaging in sports betting, they do not break the law.

To further complicate the issue, many internet casinos are offshore. That is, they are located in countries where online casinos are legal! So US laws have no real authority over them.

So to make a complex issue simple, you have nothing to worry about as a drop of water in an ocean. Just check your local state laws to be sure. It's a long, ongoing story, but the casinos would get into trouble before you do. So relax. Oh, and, make sure you're not under age!

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