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Kevin's Strategy to Win Money with Slots

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Would you like to make some real money with slots for a change? Our editor Kevin describes his winning strategy. Chances are you have been to other sites that ask you the same question! But let me ask you this! Did they try to sell you something? Did they ask for a large investment? Did they promise you would hit the "big" slots jackpot? And always "today only!" limited offers?

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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You know how long that page has been up? Probably several months as they continue to troll for desperate people. Well I'm not going to do any of those things! Today is going to be different.

I have a REVOLUTIONARY simple slot winning strategy. That has made me incredible sums of money and I'm going to give it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

My name is Kevin and I am going to give you access to this stupidly simple strategy to a money making system I developed along side of a couple very smart people. One of them, Chris had been a successful blackjack card counter for 25 years when he decided to cash out. And his father before him was a math genius and they know casino beating strategies like I know breathing! The other one, Steve was a computer programmer for the larger online slot machine companies in the world. Maybe you've heard of them but for yours and our benefit we won't name them. Together we have designed this house beating strategy that is ridiculously easy to use and insanely profitable!

We gave it a really silly name because Steve once said "this thing makes me feel like Jack and the bean stock" It just keep dumping money into my lap. It's like the golden goose! So that is what we called it "Kevin's Golden Goose Method" Haha I know it's pretty goofy! But what it does is anything but goofy. Here is a day I started with $40 capital and cashed out with $169.25 giving me = $120.25 PROFIT in 8 minutes!

Listen I bought and read all the online systems that promised massive wealth. I've read the forums and been to the guru seminars, been lied too, scammed and worst of all spent money I didn't have to hang my hopes on a promise that was just a giant lie! This happened to me way more than I care to admit! Well I have had the incredible good fortune to be working with Chris and Steve and these great guys agreed with me we should share our success with people who are really serious about making money online from Slots! We are giving you our incredible method for free no strings attached. Yes I'll say it again FREE! So if you're still here thank you. That shows me that you appreciate the fact that I have been exactly where you are. Now it's time for me to take away any of the fear that you might have to push that button at the bottom of the screen. Do slots frustrate you? Well I understand, I didn't know anything about them when I met Chris and Steve. But I did know tons of people had made tons of money. Even in the toughest of times slots pay out. In March 21, 2003: A 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles won $39.7 million after putting in $100 in the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur to win a Total: $39,710,826.36. Jan. 26, 2000: A Las Vegas cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan, 37, won $34.9 million on a Megabucks machine at the Desert Inn.

Can you even imagine having $34 Million dollars at your disposal?

Bottom line the profit potential is massive! But here's the good news.You don't have to be a world class mathematician to beat the house. You don't have to have a huge amount of capital to start. And best of all with our system you don't really need to know anything about the voodoo that most plays believe in! Yelling at the machine to pay you, Forget it! Playing tricks in your mind that a machine that has been losing could soon payout, Forget it! Everything you need to know is explained here in our simple method. And you can go about your playing knowing you have the edge over the house. Can't do much better than that can you? Did you know that millions of dollars are paid out every day to people playing online slot machines! The internet has changed everything! These greedy corporations and corrupt casinos can no longer control the access to these simple paying slots methods. We found a backdoor in! One that has generated profits that gives me bank accounts that look like this $3,212,672.15.

So what's Kevin's Golden Goose method? Play "minor" or "mini" jackpot games as they have to payout. They are not programmed to continuously run up. Here are the steps from the video. Meter the amount of coin-in to move the jackpot. State Required Payback 90%, so 90% of 200 = $180 Thus $200 minus $180 is $20 Theoretical Risk. Plus free game overlay. You want to play the games with a "Minor" or "Mini" jackpot. Giving you the edge for a quicker payout. Best part is I know the online casino that pays a matching bonus so you can deposit only $30 but get $105 to play with further minimizing your risk.

Now let's get down to business here. In a minute I'm going to give you a link that will allow you to download your own personal registration to online slots and you will be able to start applying this method and playing almost immediately! I wish I could see you face when you see that first minor jackpot drop a profit into your account. I remember how stunned I was.

You'll be able to install secure gaming software that gives you quick and easy access to your online account.

  1. You need to fill out the information on the registration page.

2.You'll need to choose from 2 deposit options. You can either get $20 absolutely free by simply redeeming this coupon code SILVEROAK20 or you can increase your profits by redeeming this coupon code to receive a 350% Match Bonus - Code: JCPT350 - (this offer will apply with a minimum deposit of $30.00.)

So take $20 FREE or deposit $30 and they will give you another $75 for a total of $105! I always take the deposit method as I can place the minimum bet that makes the minor jackpot number increase till I get the payout!

Ok it's time to act! Below you will see the "Download Now" button. You're on a secure page where you are able to download and install the gaming software. Next you will need to enter your information and register as one of our approved users. Then follow the simple step by step instructions to get your FREE $20 with coupon code SILVEROAK20 or, I recommend you opt for redeeming the 350% Match Bonus - Code: JCPT350 and deposit $30 giving you $105 to play and profit with! But remember that is your money and you can get to it anytime you want!

And you can add more to this account at anytime you want. Once your account is open and funded you can start to play immediately! Go ahead a start small just to give yourself peace of mind. Select one of the games with a "minor jackpot" as that's what your goal is to trigger! Now when you start to see your profits jump up cash out and find another game! ITS THAT EASY!

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don't pass it up and click away. You have nothing to lose especially with the Free $20 or 350% matching bonus. If you leave I guarantee this page will be gone when you realize your mistake and try to come back. Take me up on this amazing offer and follow these simple step by step instructions. You're life is about to change forever! Have the money to pay off your debts. Buy a car or a new house! Pay for your kid's college or take the family on an amazing vacation they will remember forever. Call this your new chance, your revival, your do over, whatever. But call it your new future. I can't wait to hear about your success. I love to hear the success stories from the action takers. Fill in your information and I'll see you on vacation in the Caribbean!


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