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Machine Talk: Slot Machine Terms

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One tends to run into a lot of techno-babble when dealing with machines, and even Slot Machines have their own share of technical terms. But there are many slot patrons, including those who have been playing the game for years, who are as yet unaware of the different terms used in slot machine game play.

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Playing the slot machine is literally as easy as pulling a lever. But any true devotee of this seemingly simplest of gambling games should be aware of at least some of the lingo. Listed below is but a sampling of slot machine terminology.

There are instances when gambling players receive bonuses while playing slot machines. Such a bonus is referred to as a "Bonus Feature." They can come in the form of a bonus round, wherein a gambling player will get a bonus round for every hundred spins. Bonus rounds equal more money.

The "Coin Size" refers to the price of the bet. There are some slots that require quarters, while others will take only dollars. Of course, the bigger the size of the coin, the bigger the amount of the prize will be for the gambling player.

"Coins per spin" is the limit set by the house whereby the gambling player is permitted only a limited number of coins to play in each spin.

In the game of slots, some of the coins are left inside the slot machine. "Hold" is the term for the coins not given out.

The "Pay table" is where the winning combinations are placed, serving as a guide for the gambling players looking to win. They are usually located right where gambling players can easily see them. Always remember that each casino has its own different winning combination.

In lieu of solo jackpots, gambling players can instead choose to play for cumulative jackpots, or "Progressive Jackpots." The gambling player will end up winning bigger amount this way.

The "Reel" is the part of the slot machine where the images are printed on. The reels are spun when the gambling player pulls the slot machine's lever.

The "Wild Symbol" is similar to the wild card of the card game UNO, and can stand for any symbol on the slot machine.

These are but a few of the many slot machine terms. These terms are the most commonly used ones, and should be enough to keep one from getting lost in discussions about the game. As simple a game as it may be, knowing it inside out, down to its most minute detail, makes for a richer gaming experience.

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