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Making a wager at Empress Casino

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Below are the rules of Empress Gaming if you want to wager there.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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  1. Empress Gaming reserves the right to limit or refuse any wager prior to its acceptance.

  2. No person under the age of 18 is permitted to make a wager.

  3. Members must provide both their PIN and Password on all calls to the Call Center. No account activity will be allowed without proper identification.

  4. Account balances will be verified by the wagering clerk on the first call of the day. Additional inquiries or discrepancies regarding your account should be directed to the Customer Service Department.

  5. Members with Internet accounts must verify their current account balance upon log-in to the Online Sportbook. Discrepancies must be reported at this time.

  6. A ticket confirmation number will be issued for each wagering call. Member must provide this number when requesting a review or claim. For the Internet, the ticket confirmation number can be found on your Pending page.

  7. Member must listen to and confirm the readback of any wager made to the Call Center. If a call is terminated for any reason prior to the confirmation, any wagers not confirmed will be voided, including the Internet.

  8. Management keeps computerized records of all wagers, point and price moves made prior to an event to help in fairly settling disputes.

  9. In the event of an improper line posting due to a system or human error, all wagers placed on the improper line may be rejected without prior notice.

  10. All telephone wagering calls are recorded and used to settle all disputes. Members and management agree that the tape recording of the wager transaction shall serve as the final determination and all wager results will be adjusted accordingly. Readbacks are Final.

  11. Empress Gaming reserves the right to "add, delete or change" house wagering rules and payoff odds.

  12. Nevada Gaming Rules apply where not otherwise specified.

  13. Empress Gaming is a foreign company and does not report financial or wagering transactions or confidential member information to any government agency or institution. It is the sole responsibility of its members to report, if applicable, any such information to the appropriate government authority.

  14. Empress Gaming is a fully legal and licensed Sportbook and Online Casino operating in Costa Rica. Membership is open only to residents of jurisdictions where participation is not prohibited by law.

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