Mike Aponte: Legendary Blackjack Player

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Do you live and die for blackjack? If yes, then Mike Aponte should sound familiar in your ears. Mike or MIT Mike is a celebrity blackjack player who is well known for his multiple achievements in this gambling field. An ex MIT Blackjack Team member, one of the leading member of the group of MIT students who showed world the way to win millions of dollars legally by counting cards; Mike’s career graph inspired the best seller author Ben Mezrich to sketch Jason Fisher upon this master blackjack star. Mike has expressed his inescapable passion for blackjack a number of times in interviews or articles. And it seems nothing could stop him from turning his passion into his fulltime passion. Beforehand, the common notion about blackjack or other popular casino games as the game of chance or game of destiny. But Mike was determined to prove it wrong by exhibiting the power of mathematical way of counting cards, how it saves people from falling prey to emotional or impulsive decisions. He and his MIT card counting team continued to win houses with their logical reasoning methods and became millionaires without breaking any law.

According to Mike Aponte, among other gambling games Blackjack gives you the chance to win money unlike Roulette etc. where the house edges are fixed. The trick to win the house in Blackjack is to keep a track of the already played cards. No, you are not being asked to appoint a secretary who will stand right next to you with a notepad in hand to take note of every card which is being played. Here comes the science and art of card counting where all the cards are distributed in 3 values. Each card from 2-6 has a value of +1 and they are called Low Cards. Each card from 10-A has a value of -1 and they are called High Cards. 7, 8 and 9 are given neutral value i.e. 0. Hence with this strategy in mind, it becomes an easy job to count the cards. Next to the card counting, blackjack is full of myths which often stand as hindrance in the way of winning. Here are few myths which you need to throw out of your mind while playing blackjack. Bad players are not bad for you. So don’t curse the bad ones around your table. They will not influence your flow of game either way. Let’s concentrate on your own hand.

If you have been advised to put a bigger amount as your bank roll then that person must be the dealer. Next time, turn a deaf ear. Card counting is far away from being illegal. This doctrine might have been preached by those who may suffer heartbreaks if all the players learn this mathematical strategy. You don’t have to be an Einstein to count the cards. But remember, this card counting does not guarantee 100% success rate.

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