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Mythical Tales of Famous Roulette Winners

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Roulette is one of those games that can’t help but lend to the creation of legendary stories of fantastic proportions. It’s a game with one of the longest histories and most treasured traditions across the globe long before we could play online in casino casinos, so it’s no wonder there have been so many legendary roulette winners.

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Here are some stories of the most famous roulette winners to help inspire any casino fan.

In the early 1900s, a man from Illinois named William Darnborough won close to $500,000 over seven years at the fabled Monte Carlo Casino while playing roulette. Back then, this was an unimaginable sum of money. This amazing victory came after Darnborough honed his roulette skills by playing the game in American saloon-run casinos that were, at that time, deemed to be illegal establishments. He was known to be a “wheel watcher,” or one of those people with a rare gift to accurately predict where the ball was going to land on the wheel.

Darnborough quit playing roulette after accumulating his substantial fortune, choosing to pursue a life married to a beautiful noblewoman whose family didn’t approve of his gambling lifestyle. The couple lived out their days very happily on a massive estate located in England.

Later during the same century, in 1971, a doctor named Richard Jarecki specialized in playing roulette games in which the wheel was a bit “off.” This made him a so-called “biased-wheel player,” and he took his skills to casinos in San Remo as well as Monte Carlo in order to win himself $1.28 million during an impressive winning streak.

Between 1986 and 1989, roulette teams under the guidance of a man named Billy Walter were able to win roughly $5 million during the course of the roulette play at casinos throughout Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Like Dr. Jarecki, these teams also employed the biased-wheel method.

Despite these remarkable stories of the biggest roulette winners’ success that resulted from familiarity with biased-wheel methods, no one can compare to the grand master of this method – the inventor of the method himself, Joseph Jaggers. This clever and very famous roulette winner was able to win $325,000 while playing the game in Monte Carlo all the way back in 1873.

He was the first player of any kind to enjoy such a prolonged and profitable winning streak at the renowned casino.

These men all managed to use their specially honed skills in order to defy the wishes of Lady Luck and win more money than mere chance would ever allow, but there are also plenty of stories of typical roulette fans who just happened to be in the right place at the right time when fluke accidents of probability occurred. These once-in-a-lifetimes experiences of insane luck often make for the most outrageous legends of all.

Author and gambler Barney Vinson has sworn he witnessed such an amazing feat of luck at Caesars Palace in the summer of 2000. According to him, the number seven appeared no fewer than six times in a row at a single roulette wheel. He is very exact in his testimony – it happened at 1:35 p.m. at roulette wheel number 211. The odds of such an unusual occurrence are staggering.

While this was an incredible event for sure, the casino didn’t end up losing much money on the string of sevens – only about $300 was lost, which in and of itself is quite amazing.

Barney Vinson wasn’t the first to witness such a string of miraculous repetition in the game of roulette, even if it didn’t lead to one of the biggest roulette winners in history. Sixty years earlier, in the summer of 1959 in Puerto Rico’s El San Juan Hotel, a ten appeared a whopping six times in a row.

While I certainly believed her when she told me, this flight attendant’s story is almost too amazing to be true. She said she had witnessed the greatest roulette feat of all time when the ball flew off the wheel in England, bounced off a croupier’s eyeball, then hit a chandelier as he knocked it away from his face, then rebounded off a customer’s cigarette holder before landing safely back on the roulette wheel, ending up on the number four.

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