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Neteller Casinos Online

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In these days when gambling sites accept almost all methods of payment, many users are still not familiar with the incredibly convenient payment system known as the Neteller. In fact, Neteller is thought to be a payment system designed specifically for gamblers.

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In order to start working with Neteller, you need to create an account first. After you complete your registration with Neteller, you will be open to use your Neteller account to play casino games online. You are free to choose any currency for your Neteller account, but it is highly recommended to create a US dollar account. The main reason for you to choose the US dollar over any other currency is that this currency is accepted all over the world and by almost any casino you will be able to find online. Besides, it is always easier to make online transactions when you have a US dollar account.

Please note that the terms and conditions of the Neteller payment system may vary depending on the country of your residence. It is especially true for the rules applied to the storage and withdrawal limits. For example, if you a Standard Neteller account, you will not be able to store more than $1900. Owners of the Enhanced accounts are allowed to store up to $19,000. And as for the people owning Premier accounts, they are free to store up to $48,000. Your Neteller account can be upgraded at any time. Standard account can be opened by any user, and can be easily updated to the Enhance Neteller account. You do not need to pay any money for this. Likewise, you can spend as much money on casino games as you desire. However, if you are planning to shift to the Premier account, you will have to create a personal bank account as well.

Just like any other payment system, Neteller can be used for casino games. No matter where you live or work, it should not be a problem for you to create a Neteller account. It should be easy for you to deposit fund to this account and to withdraw cash from it. Note that there are several ways to withdraw money from the Neteller. First of all, you can transfer money to your debit or credit card. Secondly, you can make payments via your bank account or via electronic check. Wire transfers are not so popular in the world of the online gambling, but still some casino sites are even ready to send money by Western Union to make it easier for you to enjoy their casino games. ?>

Paying with Neteller

When you want to gamble in a casino web site, you need to deposit money to the casino first. You do this by any payment method accepted by the casino web site of your choice. Credit cards would be best, but many credit card companies no longer process deposits to gambling sites due to legal scares. This is when Neteller comes in.

Neteller is like a virtual wallet. You fund (put money into) your Neteller account first, and then send money to the casino web site from it. When you want to withdraw your casino winnings, the money will be transferred to your Neteller account. Most casinos accept Neteller aside from some other payment methods. Neteller is not the only payment method. You can use any system you want, but we use this as an example since it is widely used.

When you register for a Neteller account, you will be given a couple of personal numbers, namely your account number and an identification number. You will also receive a password. You must provide certain personal information to the bank. After you register, someone will call you to verify that you are who you say you are and that all the details are correct. Then they will activate your account. You may use only one IP address per Neteller account.

Then all you have to do is fund your Neteller account. There are several ways you can fund your Neteller account: electronic fund transfer, bank wire, credit card are examples. Fees for these vary.

It takes on average just two banking days for your winnings to reflect in your Neteller account.

If you are going to use Neteller frequently, you might want to connect your Neteller account directly with your bank account. This would make transactions faster. As a precautionary measure, you should open a new bank account just for this purpose. Do not use your main account. Neteller and other reputable payment systems are reliable but it is better not to take risks with your money.

And with that, you are ready to gamble online. As you can see, Neteller works similar to PayPal. It is very easy to use. However as a word of caution, always make sure that gambling is legal wherever you are playing. And with that, have fun gambling at the casino web sites!

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