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Interested in running your own casino online? Download the casino software NetEnt and enjoy the excitement and class of NetEnt on your home computer. Practice the games for fun, or play for real money wagers. Experience state of the art software, 24 hour support, payments by Credit Card, 900pay, FirePay, Wire Transfers, Checks, and the best betting limits on the net!

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
Play at Casino Adrenaline

When players make the choice to engage in cash gambling in a Net Entertainment casino site, they will easily be able to access all of the games that are offered. Players will find that the instant play games run smoothly and are available to users of all operating systems. This is one of the reasons Net Ent casinos are so popular. They are the number one choice for players who are using a Mac because the casinos offer so many game selections that can be enjoyed for cash wagers.

Using the Net Ent software is simple and will require no download. Players will simply register at the online casino, choose a payment method if they are playing for real money and start enjoying the many games that are supported. Each and every game will be accessed through the web browser on the computer for instant access and smooth gaming.

At Net Entertainment casinos, only instant play games are offered. Many other software providers will require players to download and install the software to the computer, taking up valuable space on the hard drive. With Net Ent, this is not necessary. Players can use their web browser to connect with any Net Ent casino and immediately start enjoying everything that is supported.

Net Entertainment casinos have a great reputation for fairness and honesty and players will quickly appreciate the software. It is easy to use and the casino lobbies are very simple to navigate. Each Net Ent casino will offer different games from the Net Ent portfolio and will provide players with the opportunity to play for fun or for real money. These casino sites will also present some amazing bonus offers and the casinos have a known payout rate that ranges from 95% to 97%, offering some spectacular opportunities to win money while enjoying casino games.

The software that is created by Net Entertainment is secure and reliable. Players will not have to be concerned with viruses with a download. All of the games that are developed are tested to ensure fairness and they will all operate smoothly on any computer. Those that are looking for an instant connection will find that Net Ent offers the best way to enjoy cash gambling. The casinos that use this software will take further precautions to protect players by using secure processing for all transactions. Since all games are flash based, players will never have to worry about a secure connection to the online casino they have chosen. Net Entertainment software has a great reputation for being reliable, trusted and honest.

Many of the leading casinos that are now operating will offer games from Net Ent. While the selection of online casinos is not as great as with microgaming software, players will find at least 100 sites that offer games from this company. All of the casinos using Net Ent software are licensed and regulated to ensure legal gambling and player protection at all times. Net Entertainment casinos are a leading choice for Mac and PC users and continue to attract new players regularly.

When NetEnt is installed, $5,000 is automatically deposited into your fun account. If your fun account runs low, simply go to the Cashier on the main menu to deposit more fun money into your account. When the Cashier menu is displayed, click on DEPOSIT and then select "Deposit by Credit Card" in the Cashier Menu. Enter the desired deposit amount, and click on OK to complete the transaction. You will not be required to enter any credit card information.

To Deposit For Fun Money

To deposit money into your Play for Fun account, click on CASHIER in the casino main menu. Enter your valid e-mail address in the first field and click the REQUEST CODE button. Check your e-mail with your e-mail application. You can EXIT the Play for Fun cashier if you do not wish to wait for the reply, and enter the code later by clicking on CASHIER again. Enter the code you have received in the second field in the Play for Fun Cashier and click the DEPOSIT button to refill your Play for Fun account.


If you enter a false or invalid e-mail address, you will not receive the code you need to refill your Play for Fun account and practice with Fun Money! Should you NOT have received the reply within 24 hours, please contact our support. Please observe that you must be 18 years or older to play "For Real" online. After you've gained a basic understanding of the games and have had some practice, choose to play "For Real" to experience the excitement of wagering real money for real winnings! Click on FOR REAL when the casino program's initial menu appears on your screen. Wait a moment while your computer establishes a connection with the game server.

Please read the license agreement and the terms of using NetEnt's software. After agreeing to the terms, press the NEW USER button to register as a member of NetEnt. You will be required to enter certain information and to choose a user name, password, and nickname. You can also select your own pictured image for identification at the tables.

To be able to play the games, you must first visit the WebDollar Cashier in order to deposit money into your casino account. Follow the detailed instructions in the "Banking" section under the "Deposits" heading.

Playing the casino games with NetEnt online for real wagers functions in the same manner as playing offline for fun, with the exception that offline players are unable to play and chat together. The games in NetEnt's multi-player gaming software share these features: Up to 4-5 players can join a single game, and can chat together online. Private tables allow players to play alone or select the players they'd like to join. Once you have entered the online casino, you can easily check the guest book to see if any of your friends are currently in the casino and the games in which they are currently participating by clicking on "Information/Info." You can then go back to the game menu to select your game. When you enter a game room, some tables will be occupied while others will be free. If a table is marked "private," you must ask permission to enter. The player that initially opens the table has the authority to grant permission or deny access to new players.

If you find all the tables occupied, simply click on the arrow in the upper right corner to move to the next game room. In the upper left corner, you will find the VIP arrow that leads to exciting, new features for loyal NetEnt members. When you initially enter the casino, you will have access to these functions: Click on "Information" ("Info") to take a peek in the casino's guest book. You can check the nicknames of current guests in the casino, their countries of residence, and their current locations in the casino. Click on any name in the guest book to display a player's optional profile in the box in the upper left corner.

To access your casino account information, click on "Personal Information."

If you wish, you can change your user name and password. Click on the CHANGE button to access "Login Info." Then follow the directions to enter your new user name and password.

Note that if you should change your registered real name or address, you must request a new Security Code at the Cashier. It will be sent to the most recently registered postal address.

You can always alter your player profile, which contains optional information displayed to other players. Change your nickname, pictured image, and even your age! You can also add extra information about yourself in the "About Me" box. At the WebDollar Cashier, you can deposit and withdraw money from your casino account. See the "Electronic Transactions" section for detailed instructions. The game menu displays all the available games at NetEnt. To enter a game room, click on the appropriate game icon. The Comp program is a feature that rewards you based on the actual bets you place during game play at the casino. You are awarded credits depending at your net loss.

Click the "Comp Program" button in the Lobby (main window).

This button opens a window and displays a table with the following headers: The information in this table displays the percentage level and the current cash back amount. The Cash Back amount is displayed as zero if you have a negative cash back amount. A Cash Back conversion to real money is automatically preformed when your account balance is below $10. You are notified of the received Cash Back bonus by a message in the game client.

The "History" button opens another window, displaying all previous Comp Program point conversions. The table in this window shows the date for each conversion and the amount that was credited your account.

The "Exit" button closes the ",History" window and returns you to the "sComp Program" window.

The "Help" button opens a new web browser window where this file is displayed.

The "Exit" button closes the "Comp Program" window. Click on "News" to be directed to the "News" page on the NetEnt web site. There you'll find important information about NetEnt, such as current promotions and new games. We suggest that you regularly check the "News" section while playing at NetEnt. Information about the casino is always accessible online on NetEnt's web site. Click on "Help" to be automatically connected to NetEnt's "Help" section by way of your web browser. In the "Help" section, you find detailed information on how the casino works, game rules, financial transactions, and much more. You can alter certain default settings in the casino program by clicking on "Options." Each game has its own unique optional settings in addition to allowing the music and sound effects to be switched on/off. Practice Choose to play for Practice when you wish to play for "fake" money to learn and practice the games. Click on "Exit" when you wish to exit or quit the current game, menu, or the casino program. NetEnt allows you to chat with other online casino guests. The chat function is accessible in all areas of the casino except the lobby. Type out what you'd like to say in the box marked "Say" at the bottom of your screen, and press the "Enter" button on your keyboard. (The "Say" box will temporarily vanish to be replaced by the game panel when it's your turn in a game. The "Say" box will reappear when you've finished playing out your turn.) If, for some reason, you wish to ignore the chat messages from a certain casino guest, it is possible to block all incoming messages from that person. Click on the inverted yellow triangle in the right-hand corner of your screen to see a list of players' names. Then click on the name of the player that you wish to ignore. You can confirm that the person will be ignored if a small red "x" is shown next to the person's name in the list, and you receive a message in the chat box verifying that "'nickname' has been added to the ignore list."

You can cease to ignore a player by clicking once again on the appropriate name in the list. The red "x" beside the player's name will disappear, and you will receive a message verifying that you have "removed 'nickname' from the ignore list." Once you've selected the game you wish to play, you'll enter game room 1 for the chosen game, and will then have an overview of all the available tables and machines in that room. A player that currently occupies a machine or a place at a table is pictured as a male or female image.

There are additional rooms with game tables and machines. You can wander between the different rooms by clicking on the arrows shown in the upper portion of your screen. On the left side of your screen, you'll find the entrance to the VIP room that leads to exciting features for loyal NetEnt members.

Enter a specific game by clicking on the desired table or group of machines. If you are the first player to occupy a table, you will be able to decide the bet limits, betting time, and whether the table will be public or private. If you are the first player to occupy a machine in a group, you will able to decide the machine denominations.

To enter a table designated as "private", you must request permission by the player that opened the table. If the initial player has since left the table, the player to have entered the table next grants admittance.

Three types of information--labeled "Your Info", "Table Info", and "Users"--are shown in the column on the right.

"Your Info" displays your nickname, your pictured image, and your current account balance.

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