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New RealTime Gaming Slots June 2017

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Below are new online slots released by New RealTime Gaming in June 2017. The Prime Slots game is a great Mayan themed video slot machine which offers amazing graphics, sound, and a great bonus round. is a slots game which has 5 wheels and 25 payline slots machine which is connected to the progressive jackpot. Play only at Slotland Casino.

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Jewels of the Ancients

The Jewels of the Ancients slots game is an online slot machine with a vampire theme. This online slot machine has 5 wheel and 19 paylines. The bonus game is a puzzle game which is fun and amusing. Bonus symbols can be collected throughout the game. This slots game is linked to a progressive jackpot. Play Jewels of the Ancients only at Slotland Casino.

Witch’s Brew

Witch’s Brew is a fun fruit slots game with varying wild symbols. This slot machine has a great design and has three wheels and one single payline. Play Witches Brew only at Slotland Casino.

Lucky Ducts

The Lucky Ducts game is a fascinating slot machine with 5 wheels and 19 paylines. The wins in this slot machine are multiplied up to as much as 50 times. Play Lucky Ducts only at Slotland Casino.

Treasure Box

Treasure Box is a great online slot machine which will allow you to hold its reels after you spin them. This can help you to see more wins. Play Treasure Box only at Slotland Casino.

Golden 8 Fruit

Golden 8 Fruit is a fun and exciting slot machine with an amusing fruit theme. This slot machine is a 9 wheel and 8 payline slots game which is a great choice for players who are looking for a slot machine with a simpler design to it. Play Golden 8 only at Slotland Casino.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is an online slots game many players like since it has a theme much like the popular Video Poker game. In this game you will want to achieve the best hand possible on the wheels. Play Jacks or Better only at Slotland Casino.

Wild Heart

This is a great game for you to enjoy if you want to play some video poker and enjoy something other than the slots for a bit. This game has a wild card which can be used to help you create a better hand. Play Wild Heart only at Slotland Casino/a>.

Reel Riot

Reel Riot is an amazing online slot machine with a very user friendly design. This three wheel and single payline slot machine is packed full of delicious fruits you can enjoy while you try for those wins. Play Reel Riot only at Slotland Casino.

Mega Spin

Mega Spin is a unique online slots game that you will feel comfortable with even though it does things a bit different. Mega Spin has two three reel sets that are identical. This slots game has a wild symbol and a multiplier which will help you see those wins! Play Mega Spin only at Slotland Casino.


Booster is definitely one of the most exciting slot machines you can play! This slot machine guarantees that you will never lose your bet; this is something you won’t find anywhere else. In this game the Boost symbol is a wild symbol which substitutes other symbols and it also gives you the chance to “boost” your winnings! This is definitely one slot machine you won’t want to pass yup the chance to play. Play Booster only at Slotland Casino.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is an online slot machine that is unique and has a great design. One of the things that make the Heavy Metal slot machine stand out is that it gives you the ability to put your bets into your gaming history. This slot machine also has a great look to it for you to enjoy while you try for those wins. Play Heavy Metal only at Slotland Casino.

Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars is one online slot machine which really stands out. The design is creative and there are many ways to win. Lucky Stars offers you the chance to win the chance to play a bonus round in which you can multiply your winnings by 10! Play Lucky Stars only at Slotland Casino.


Magic is an online slots game which truly lives up to its name! Magic has 5 wheels and 5 paylines which gives you plenty of chances to win. There is also a bonus round which will require some skill on your part and that offers you even more excitement. Play Magic only at Slotland Casino.

Striking 7’s

If you like video poker games then you should play Striking 7’s. In the game Striking 7’s, the 7’s are used as wilds and this means they are used to substitute other cards in order for you to get the best possible hand. This game even gives you the opportunity to double your winnings. This is a great game with a fun design. Play Striking 7’s only at Slotland Casino.

Space Jack

If you are a fan of Blackjack, then you should really take a look at Space Jack. This online game has huge jackpots and a great design. One look at this game and you will be pulled in. Space Jack allows you to play three hands at a time. Play Space Jack only at Slotland Casino.


If you are looking for an interactive game with a lot of choices and options for you to enjoy, then you want to play FourCast. Many players consider this game to be one of the most exciting out there and make sure they play it on a regular basis. In this game you will predict the cards. You will be asked to predict four cards one by one. By predicting the cards correctly, your bank amount will grow and grow. Play Four Cast only at Slotland Casino.

Silver Kiss

The first thing you should know about the Silver Kiss slot machine is it contains nudity. If you choose to play this slot machine you do this of your own free will and service providers as well as the creators of the game can not be held liable. This game is intended for players that are age 18 or over. Play Silver Kiss only at Slotland Casino.


Slotris is a very fun game which gives you the chance to enjoy a bonus game which is designed much like the game of Tetris. If you like Tetris then you will love Slotris. In this game you will win bonus money by getting three symbols of the same color on the main payline. You can also do so by forming solid horizontal lines in the Slotris area. Play Soltris only at Slotland Casino.

Halloween Magic

If you like Halloween then you need to play Halloween Magic. This online slot machine is just like Magic Slot it even has the same rules and payouts. The only different between Halloween Magic and Magic Slot is the design. Halloween Magic contains great symbols which really bring Halloween fun to the game. Play Halloween Magic only at Slotland Casino.

Santa Sleigh

If you like Wild Heart Double Joker video poker you need to spend some time on this game. It is a winter themed duplicate of Wild Heart Double Joker video poker. The great design is captivating and will really leave you feeling as if you are in the Christmas spirit. The object of the game is to make the best hand and it even has wild cards to help you out. Our slots games are also linked to a progressive jackpot so you will have a chance of winning a huge amount of money! Play Santa Sleigh only at Slotland Casino.

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