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New slot machines in Pennsylvania in 2017

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The year 2017 will bring in a new wave of slot machines to the State of Pennsylvania. A lot of people are still not that used to dealing with these machines, so some information will be really helpful in making people aware of what these slot machines are all about. One of the questions that might be asked is: How much money does a player have to bring to play for even a single hour? Based on the three-coin maximum bet, which averages on about 10 spins for a single minute, and matched with the usual average payouts, the player will need $6.75 to play the nickel slots; $26.75 to play the quarter slots; $74.00 to play the dollar slots; $145.00 to play the five dollar slots.

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The player might actually need to bring with them double the amount above so that they could last for a full hour. Using the general estimated payouts for all of the machines, the slot machine denomination also makes the big difference. The nickel slots' average return is 92.5% percent; the quarter slots' average return is 94.1% percent; the dollar slots' average return is 95.9% percent; the five dollar slots' average return is 98.4% percent; also, the average return for slots at the top 10 casinos in the country is: Palms: 93.42% percent; Gold Coast: 92.84% percent; Sahara: 92.81 percent; Bourbon Street: 92.63 percent; Imperial Palace: 92.63 percent; Slots a Fun: 92.63 percent; Key Largo: 92.6% percent; Western: 92.57% percent; Ellis Island: 92.56% percent, and last, but not least, El Cortez: 92.56% percent. Some of the slot machines are set to give out at a higher rate to draw a crowd, but the casinos move the slot machines around, or even replace the existing machines with "new machines" on a daily basis. You can generalize, and say that the usual slots player will lose around 7% percent of their money when they play the slot machines, and the 7% percent brings millions to the casinos.

About 42% percent goes back to the state to be allotted for property tax relief, as well as for other projects of politicians. Hundreds of millions of dollars are predicted to go to their direct benefit. There are about 1.5 million people that are living in Philadelphia. If each citizen lost even a single dollar at the slot machines, they would lose about $1.5 million dollars. About 42% percent of that goes to the state and the local government, or about $630,000. About 58% percent of that 7% percent profit, or an equivalent of $870,000 dollars, goes back to the casino.

It is going to take a lot of the cash of the citizens of the state feeding the slot machines to live up to the expectations of the politicians. Since both the state and the local governments are already actively involved in some private businesses, like the liquor stores, and the Philadelphia Gas Works, what would be bad for the state in dealing in the slot machine business?

In Monaco, one of the most famous and largest casinos around, is controlled by the government. Citizens in Monaco are urged by their government not to wager in their own casinos. The motive is to get the money from foreigners who go there just to play and it works. The officials in the State of Pennsylvania should probably do the same, but the odds are not as sure as in Atlantic City; the citizens in the state could consider themselves lucky, because even if they lose, much of the money goes back to the citizens.

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