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Observing gambling etiquette in casinos

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We've seen them, those that hog 2 or 3 slot machines, those that take a hit (Blackjack) when the dealer shows an up card of 6 and no one else did, those that throw the dice in a "unique" way and those who don't observe personal hygiene. What's your take?

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Everyone knows how to say "thank you" and "you're welcome" when the occassion calls for it. However, in the world of gambling, this small but important detail is often looked over because many people are focused on gambling and winning as much cash as they can.

Well of course, anyone that wouldn't be annoyed must be really rich or doesn't know what the hell they're doing. I disagree with your dice comment. when I use my system of setting the dice, I pass at least two to three times more often. It also puts me in control of the speed of the game. When I have the dice it's my table, you don't like it don't bet or find another place to gamble! By the way I am THE ALL AMERICAN CRAPS SHOOTER!!!!

There are games that are prettry much a solo venture or are soliatary games like Slots. Table games are the ones that demand for proper etiquette be observed. Sometimes its just common sense in the first place. Some players have a tendency to be so narrow minded that they ignore the most basic of signs like placards that have a single purpose like allowing the start time at a certain time and no other players may just suddenly join in.

Here are some things to consider and it pays to be aware of them:

  1. Know the limits of the game. This usually means knowing the tables amount limit. Some tables have posted signs declaring the minimum and maximum bets allowed as well as the terms in case some games end in a draw or not. To help make the task easier, some casinos have tables that correspond to the colors of the chips they are holding. For example only red chips ($5.00) are only allowed on some tables. Players who would want to bet lower than the amount should seek other tables. It is always wise to take a close look around a table for indicators before jumping in.

  2. Empty chairs. Most people believe that an empty chair is availble for occupancy. In some games, this is correct. However, in Blackjack, some chairs are left empty not because there is no payer but because the player next to the chair isplaying a separate hand. This is permissable. One has to first check if any cards are laid out on the space. Otherwise, its a fair deal for anyone to join in. The best time to join is when the dealer starts to deal, not after. Wait the turn.

  3. Cash or chips? Some tables are not allowed to deal directly with cash and most tables these days only accept color coded chips as the buy in amount. This is done for many reasons but the main one is that with hard cash the paper could fold or tear, and coins are just heavy when they pile up. Color coded chips enable the players to play faster and worry less about other concerns. The same thing goes for winnings. Tables never carry cash and often advise the winner to carry their chips back to the counter and encash them there. Security is the main issue here in dealing with chips.

  4. Getting comps. One thing that irks casino staff is that players assume that the staff would approach them and ask for comps. The proper way is to have ones game rated personally, this means actually approaching a staff and asking for the comp. Comps are given when they are asked for it. One should also be polite when asking for comps and not should bossy or demanding.

Being polite never hurts and it goes a long way for the player especially when one seems to be on the losing streak. Practice correct etiquette for a hassle free gambling experience!

Even pot heads have etiquette. They are obviously deep into their addiction. Don't worry about it unless it is messing with your addiction. If it is, then you need to get help. My guess is they don't know how to play the game. Personal hygiene is a must!

I also think some people don't take a break from gambling just to take a shower. Throwing a dice in a "unique" way is also dumb, again. They don't even win. Yes, I agree but I laugh at them b/c they don't even win. They keep feeding the machines, 3 at the same time, wasting their money, they don't win nothing. They are too caught up, that's why they stink.

On 2 or 3 slot machines - yes I get annoyed, especially on a full night even though each machine basically says that you can't do that when it's full. I spent a good part of my adult life as a casino executive and believe me. The dealers and pit bosses laugh just as hard at the morons who get annoyed with "etiquette violators" as they do at the violators themselves.Cards are a game of pure chance and someone taking a hit with the dealer showing a 6 up has absolutely no bearing on your own luck. All it does is give you a way to rationalize why you's why you lost, goofball. The odds are in the house's favor. Period...Want to know the best secret of winning at craps? Own the table and the dice. It doesn't matter how you throw them. Lady Luck is on control once they leave your hands.The only way to win is open your own casino.

Years ago I took a chance and doubled down and the guy next to me went nuts. The rest of the table plays for themselves as I do. When it comes to my turn, it's my turn. The dealer had 17 I had 12. I would have hit anyway and it was my card to take or not. I put my money on the table and if I want to hit I'm going to hit!I agree with all except the black jack comment.

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