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Ohio: Not a Gambling-Friendly State

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Do you know that Ohio has a lot of nicknames? It's called the Buckeye State, the Heart of It All, Birthplace of Aviation, and the Mother of Presidents. However, you cannot expect it to be called a gambling-friendly state, not yet anyway.

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Ohio earns a plus point on slots machine ownership. This is one of the very few states that won't consider it illegal for someone to own any kind of slot machine. We are talking about new ones to collectibles. You don't have to be worried about the year of their manufacture. You can also play on your slot machines.

This good news is offset by the fact that there are no casinos in the area. This means that unless you have the money to actually buy your own slots machine, there's no way that you will ever play it. However, you can try to use the Internet. The state doesn't really have clear policies on gambling online. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're off the hook once you do so. Sad to say, anti-gambling laws in the country are very complex. You might just get entangled in the middle of them. If you absolutely have to gamble at a casino, you can travel to nearby states such as Detroit in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Gambling has so many forms in Ohio. It is a game of chance, wherein for the monetary value that you bet, you can expect or earn a profit. It also refers to bookmaking or owning gambling devices, besides slotS machines. If you ever play craps, blackjack, poker, roulette, or even slots with money, you can be held liable by the government. By making bets, you going against the anti-gambling law of the state.

This also means that there should be no casino that is to operate in Ohio, unless, of course, this is under the agreement between the Native American tribes and by the government.

Ohio follows the Dominant Factor Test. This means that if chance has more weight than your skill, you're already gambling. Moreover, if you are charged with simple gambling, you could be imprisoned for misdemeanor, which is equal to a year or less. However, if you are viewed by the court as a habitual or professional gambler, you could be charged with felony, and be imprisoned for more than a year.

Fortunately, social gambling is allowed in the state. This means that you can set up gambling activities for fun, provided that the host or dealer doesn't receive anything from the game.

Ohio permits bingo, and a lot of people are willing to join the fun because there are very limited options. There's no clear law when it comes to horse or dog racing. Bingo is primarily regulated by Ohio Charitable gaming Department. Bingo can also be sponsored by charitable organizations as long as it doesn't last for more than 4 days and should not be held more than 2 times annually.

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