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Online Casino Affiliate Marketing

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Becoming a casino affiliate marketer is very easy and can be highly profitable. Sign up with the online casino in question first. You will receive an email with your unique reseller ID to place in your html code and your user ID and password to view your affiliate stats.

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Introduction to casino affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective methods for casino owners to generate targeted traffic. Successful affiliates are dealing with 50, 100 or more affiliate programs. Therefore the affiliate software behind the affiliate portal (where usually an affiliate acquisition website is the entrance) must be structured in a professional manner and allow affiliates to get their job done in a quick & easy manner. In an affiliate software casino affiliates are primarily looking for:

Professional affiliates require detailed statistics and reports. These must be provided in real-time and allow the configuration of campaign ID's so that affiliates can measure the success of specific campaigns.

The acquisition of casino players is quiet expensive. So more important it is to ensure that a money depositing player stays as a loyal customer as long as possible in an online casino. The marketing term for keeping players "alive" is "player retention". Modern online casino software supports casino owners with specific features and functions which allow to stay in touch with players and to offer constantly new incentives to continue with their game-play. Typical functions of a marketing server are:

The success of an online casino depends very much on the service quality. The competition in the market is stiff and poor service doesn't sell. The complex nature of the online money processing is a constant source of service issues which need to get resolved in-time. Successful casinos are offering next to a ticket-system and email support real-time chat and a 24/7 call-center. An in the casino platform integrated ticket-system has the advantage that all for service-agents relevant customer information can be made available within the ticket so that most issues can get resolved in an efficient manner.

How to become a successfull online casino affiliate

Casino Affiliates who continue to work hard and smart will manage to gain a competitive business advantage over their counterparts. Undeniably, some affiliates will succumb to current pressures, and as a result, will be left along the wayside, only to watch the wiser, more sagacious affiliates reach heightened success and continue to reap the fruits of their determination and strength of mind for years to come. The ball is ultimately in the court of every affiliate out there - they can either choose to become a victim or a victor.

Even you're in financial trouble, the most constructive way to look at it is that these tough times may actually provide us with the best opportunity to reach out to our customers, due to the fact that there may not be as many competitors vying for the attention of our target market who, ironically, enough have actually been found to increase rather than decrease their gambling expenditures in times like these (Associated Press April 2008).

Understandably, wanting to work hard and smart and actually ensuring one practices what he preaches is much easier said than done, nonetheless, allow me to remind you of yet another tacky saying…’Where there’s a will there’s a way!’

Hence, for all you victors out there determined to use the situation we are currently faced with to your advantage, below you will find a couple of useful tips to assist you in achieving your goals and beating the odds.

Ensure every program you promote is worth your efforts

Time is money and both these resources need to be looked after during such times. Now more than ever before, affiliates need to assess the costs incurred to promote a program and its related return on investment The decision to carry on promoting programs should not be solely based on whether one is making a profit or not but whether the profit made is proportional to the time and effort being spent in actually promoting the program - focus on where you know there are healthy profit earnings to be made.

Take time to understand your target audiences

Different people in different situations are likely to react differently to the recession. Take time to listen and understand what your particular audience is going through as a result of the recession. This will help you gain insight into what actually appeals to your audience at this point ensuring campaigns are accurately targeted and increasingly successful.

Be prepared to invest oven though everyone around you Is pinching pennies

Now is the time to increase your virtual presence and develop your network of websites, blogs and so on, to ensure that when the economy eventually recovers, you are in an optimal position to capitalize on the surge in spending that will follow.

Improve conversions and drive more traffic

Understandably, your conversion rate may plummet however, this does not necessarily lead to an automatic decrease in profit simply means that you need to work harder and promote your products to more prospects before eventually making a sale.

Instead of wasting time fretting over this, act immediately to take on the challenge and make a conscious effort to improve conversion rates and drive more traffic.

To boost your traffic volumes take initiative and spend more time writing and submitting articles, participate in blogs and possibly engage in inexpensive online and offline guerrilla marketing campaigns to be able to cater for a larger audience.

For example, one way to increase the conversion rate is by adding well-targeted graphics which are seen to be of value by your target audience at this moment in time, and ensuring that such value is well recognized and catered for by your merchant firm.

The above are just a few suggestions which can help affiliates put things into perspective and realize that, with a little bit of effort and some shrewdness on their behalf, there is still money out there to be made and spent.

Furthermore, to add to the more positive tune of the article, the future of gambling affiliates is considered by many to be even brighter than their affiliate counterparts in other industries.

According to a long-standing theory, gambling was found to be an indulgence that actually increases in difficult times. In fact, research indicates that people are often thought to spend more on gambling when money is tight as they go looking for the win that will solve all their money troubles or problems. Although recent reports are suggesting that this may not be the case (NPR October 28 2008), many land-based and online casino operators are still living proof of the initial theory that depicts the gambling industry to be recession proof.

Furthermore, research conducted by Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) suggests that the current economic downturn with high energy costs, cheap broadband Internet connection and a smoking ban in all licensed premises in most countries of the world is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for Internet gambling.

„People are leaving their cars in the garage, playing Online Bingo or watching a match on TV and placing a bet from the comfort of an armchair,” said GBGC’s Chief Executive, Warwick Bartlett.

Undoubtedly, therefore, this should put our affiliates at a competitive advantage in respect to other affiliates, ensuring they have more finances at their disposal to further invest and solidify their affiliate marketing businesses. These affiliates who prosper now stand to gain much more in the future, where they will be sitting on top of a long-term profitable marketing strategy set to continue to prosper and flourish, withstanding the test of time.

Having said all this, my final words of advice to all merchants and affiliates alike would be, ‘don’t shy away from the challenge, take it head on, and please forget the stale bread with no butter. Let’s all strive for champagne and caviar.

Frequently asked questions regarding casino affiliates

Then Select a banner and copy the banner code for your web page.

Will I get into legal trouble if I become a casino affiliate marketer?

You are considered an advertiser of online casinos and are not liable or responsible for people who wager on our site. There are no laws that prevent you from promoting an on-line casino - Google to a certain extent, Yahoo and many other popular search engines do on-line casino advertising and so do many other sites like Tucows, CNET, etc.

What is the payment setup?

Participating affiliates usually get up to 25% of all House Profits. A check is sent the first of every month if your commissions are above $50.00. If not, it will be carried over to the next month. Please make sure that your profile is filled in the reseller stats area of the casinos in question.

I have problems getting into the reseller page?

Keep in mind that your password and user name are case sensitive. Servers may time out at different times as well. Please try again and if this does not work, feel free to contact the casino online.

I am sending a lot of visitors but I see no money in my reseller stats?

You may send the casino on the internet a lot of visitors but they not be inclined to gamble. You have to consider what type of visitors you are sending. Conversion rates right now are pretty high but will fall when users become more comfortable in making any type of monetary transactions over the net.

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