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BitStarz Casino Review

BitStarz Casino
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BitStarz Casino is a huge gambling website with a massive selection of slots, table games and several other betting arenas. I was very impressed with the level of constant choice I had with my gaming, this kept me entertained for quite a while. Lets discuss how I got on. We rate BitStarz Casino 9.0 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

I started out slowly with the usual £20 deposit, Victor offered me a free £175 bonus however the terms to which were rather shakey. First I was required to wager £500 (25x initial deposit) in order to release just £25 of this bonus, then they stepped it up to £1,500 (50x initial deposit) wagered for the next £50, then a final £3000 (100x initial deposit) for the final £100. Don’t get me wrong these bonus levels would be fine if I was high rolling but with a small ‘investment’ I would of preferred a 10x wager 100% double up. I would be happier to see BitStarz Casino offer a wider selection of promotions and bonus codes for their entire player base instead of just for huge spending amounts.

On to the machines, the site seemed fairly simple to use, one large scroller to scan through their massive selection of games was a delight to use and allowed me to digest what they had available quickly without being overwhelming. I started out on the first machine available and within minutes had managed to pour £6 into the new Frankenstein machine, not a bonus in sight, although the game played very nicely, had a selection of various different ‘freaky wild’ features and kept me entertained, (if only for a few minutes). One thing I will say about this website is their crafty placement of the ‘Bet Max’ buttons. These buttons seem to switch places on each machine, some of the machines start with max bet already loaded and some of the minimum bets are pricey, so you must be VERY careful to check over all of the slot details first. I would of preferred to see a constant menu layout so players could get used to the same system and not feel as though they could accidentally hit the wrong button and throw everything away in seconds.

I started to get deeper into the slot selection available and found that most of the games were very slow to load, I was waiting several minutes for a few of the games to load and was then gob smacked at the quality of the games. Some of the artwork looked like it had been designed by a child and this gave the whole site a very unprofessional finish. Luckily there was a big enough selection for me to move on to something with more appeal sharpish.

I jumped over to the table games and had a few spins on the roulette, even attempting to edge my bets the money just seemed to fall away very quickly and I was disappointed I didn’t manage to catch a single win over £4.00 on the entire site. Only one bonus was delivered on a machine called Boom Brothers which yielded a miniscule £2.50 after dribbling £7 in.

I went off to find the support options and was happy to see they had a live chat option readily available. I was instantly connected to Mike, however the conversation was slow, sometimes taking several minutes to reply. The entire conversation took almost half an hour for a very simple request. They were however always polite, the information they provided was perfect and I even got first name terms, an average support attempt.

I found no reel thriving community on BitStarz Casino, no forums or chat facility to speak of so was a lone gamer. I think this site would truely benefit from a top loading chat so you could chat amongst some of the other regulars while you were waiting for your games to load, this could help the time pass without frustrating the players and also allow you to meet others who have been playing there longer. It did have a news page which had a selection of their recent winners and other community based factors but this page was rather hidden away on a small top link and although it was great to read about the big winners it would of been great to chat with them as well.

The site seemed to have most of the classic games available too, however my initial £20 only managed to last me a small amount of time. The games were slow to load which made me feel frustrated before I even got to playing. This factor mixed with some of the poor game designs and badly designed GUIs made the overall experience rather flat. BitStarz Casino has a great selection of games but seemed far too tight on releasing any wins to grab my attention. The site was fairly fun but I don’t think we have casino gold just yet.


Massive selection of new and classic games available.

Majority of the games were unique and had great features.


Several of the games don’t load at all and the ones that did were very slow to load.

Some of the games are very poorly designed and this gave the whole site a very unprofessional finish.

Badly placed MAX BET buttons could risk more than you bargained for.

Casino seemed very tight on releasing bonuses and big wins.

Hence, is BitStarz Casino safe to play at?

For sure.
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