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Casino Club Review

Casino Club
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As far as online casinos go, Casino Club is a new kid on the block! That being said, they have very quickly established themselves as one of the premium online casinos on the Internet, by offering games with exceptional graphics, great payouts and security to match - all in one attractive package that you can either play with your browser or via a quick downloading client. We had a play at Casino Club and this is what we saw. We rate Casino Club 8.3 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The Casino Club website is very stylish, with the homepage making you feel right at home. There are plenty of options here to allow you to learn a little bit about the games. I like to know what casinos are going to give me for playing their games, so I visited the comps section first of all. Not only do they offer 10% bonus on your first deposit and 5% on subsequent deposits, but players have the ability to earn free vacations in various locations (determined by the amount of play) around the world. After this, I decided to take a look at the casino games, but first I had to make a deposit into my account.

The cashier is very easy to use if you wish to make a deposit via credit card. Unlike many other casinos, when you are prompted to make a deposit, your address details are already filled in, and all there is left to do is enter your credit card details. From here, real-time and secure credit card processing make this a breeze and before you know it, you have the cash in your account, ready to wager.

The games, powered by JAVA, are quite spectacular. I had a play of the JAVA games in my browser and then tried the download client. The good news is that both versions are exactly the same - however if you wish to save time on future visits to the casino, I would suggest the download client. Now, time to play... I am a bit partial to blackjack, so this was my first stop on the casino floor!

Casino Club offers two blackjack tables, each with different betting limits - $1 to $25 and $5 to $100. Each table is identical apart from this. The nice thing about the blackjack tables is that you see the dealers bottom half and their hands move while giving you the cards. In fact, the table is set up so that it looks like you could be sitting on a table in Vegas! You also see, what I am guessing is supposed to be, your left hand on the table. This is a novel addition. The gameplay is very fast and to aid in this, sound is limited to chip clinking and win cheering! The blackjack version does not offer a surrender option, but allows you to double on any two cards and split once. This is a very impressive blackjack offering!

The roulette at Casino Club is just like any other roulette wheel that you would find on the Internet, with a few notable exceptions and very nice features. The roulette table is limited to total bets between $1 and $200, with the maximum bet on a single number being $25. The table is also a double zero table. One feature that is lacking in many of today's Internet casinos is a feature that allows you to place the same bets as the last spin, which can be useful if you play the same number combinations over and over again. Casino Club supplies this option, which creates a very nice roulette package.

The Casino Club craps table offers all of the standard craps bets. The betting limit is between $5 and $200 with the odds bet allowance being three times your original pass line bet. You can see the dice being rolled thanks to some nice animation. Good for the craps player!

The casino also offers two slot machines for the slot enthusiast - one 25 cent machine and one $1 machine. The difference between these slots and other online casinos is the number of pay lines. The machines are only three by three but you can win on ten lines, both forward and backwards and even diagonally. Greater chances to win here!

The final game offering is video poker, or is it? Actually, the rules are the same as video poker, however you are not presented with a video poker machine, and instead it feels like you are playing blackjack, until the dealer gives you five cards. Basically it is a video poker machine that you can bet up to $5 per hands, but you are "virtually" sitting at a table instead of sitting at a machine. Payouts on video poker are very good and watching the play is entertaining.

Casino Club has also made it very easy to cash out your winnings when the time comes. Just click on the redeem button and you can get your cash via credit card or check.

In summary, I really enjoyed playing at Casino Club Online Casino. The games were just that little bit different to make your experience all that more exciting! The games are the future of the industry and we can highly recommend the casino.

Hence, is Casino Club safe to play at?

For sure.
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