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Dash Casino Review

Dash Casino
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If it were possible to put Caesar's Palace on the internet, Dash Casino would be it. Very easy and fast registration - less than 2 minutes - and immediate credit of their generous 20% free bonus on your initial deposit (be sure to load up on that first deposit to take full advantage of the free money. We rate Dash Casino 8.6 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

You know the image we all have of Ancient Rome? The baths, the sumptuous surroundings, the decadence of supreme power and unquenchable thirsts. Well, that's my image of it. Anyway, the point is that that's more or less what Dash Casino tries to provide in its rather unique casino offering.

I was very impressed with how easy this casino was to play; with extremely fast-loading Java games and elegant yet simple navigation, I was playing in less than 5 minutes from the first moment I clicked into Dash Casino. Unlike many of their counterparts, the java games at Dash Casino were very stable - I played for several hours with multiple browser windows open in the background (with 58K dial-up access) and never experienced a single glitch. Perhaps the best part of my experience at Dash Casino was the quality and fairness of the games. Once you've picked "Free" or "Real" and have got yourself set up at your favorite, the games themselves are pretty painless. It's no-download at Dash Casino and I for one have come to appreciate this. It used to be that the no-download games where pale shadows of the download variety but this is no longer true. No-download games have really come into their own, as can be seen here. The graphics are superb and the games never seem to be in a hurry to take your money - quite the contrary! The java blackjack game dealt winners one right after the other.

The video poker game is a true 9/6 (pays 9-1 for Full Houses, 6-1 for Flushes) - unheard of in the online gaming world. Craps and roulette were very good simulations of real world play; and 3 different slot machines offer enough variety and high payouts to keep slot junkies happy for hours. Support at Dash Casino is deceptively straight-forward. On the surface it looks like they only provide email and a chat service, but the chat option is exceptionally good.

You queue up to talk to a service rep; my wait was less than a minute. Then you connect to your service person and you've got an interactive chat window in which to type your question and get whatever assistance you require. I found them polite, helpful, and quite willing to find out what I needed to know if they couldn't answer it immediately themselves. A nice touch and one you'll probably end up using because the info posted at the site is a little on the sparse side. Payout at Dash Casino is very civilized. It's the usual payout scheme: back to credit card up to the amount of your deposit, checks or whatever after that.

Apparently they claim no commission on their payouts and provide money order, wire transfer, etc at cost. Payout by check is free and checks are issued every Monday. Deposits are limited to $1000 per credit card per month and there is no limit on withdrawals. Signup Bonuses: A healthy 20% added to your initial deposit - load up to take full advantage. In addition, the free $20 Refer-A-Friend bonus will surely add up, as this is one virtual casino you'll feel comfortable recommending to your friends.

Hence, is Dash Casino safe to play at?

For sure.
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